What is On-Page SEO? Simple Onpage SEO Optimization Guide 2022

Onpage SEO is a very common concept in the SEO field. However, for those who are just starting to learn about online marketing, this concept is quite new. What is Onpage SEO? Onpage SEO is the work and tips to do right on your own website, in order to optimize google search results.

What is Onpage SEO?

Onpage SEO are techniques used to optimize websites to improve rankings and increase traffic in search engines. On-page also refers to the HTML code and Content of a page that can be optimized, in contrast to Off-page SEO which is directly related to backlinks and off-site signals.

In addition to creating relevant, high-quality content, optimizing titles, images, HTML tags (header, meta, and title) is also important. the job of on-page SEO. That ensures that your websites are authoritative, highly specialized and very trustworthy.

SEO Onpage là gì?

Why is it important to optimize Onpage SEO for articles?

According to research, the top search results on google have 30.51% desktop clicks and 26.1% mobile clicks.

If only on the first page, the top 5 search results  accounted for 67.60% of total clicks. After that, the next 5 results are 3.73%, from page 2 onwards this number will gradually decrease.

It shows that your website wants a lot of hits, it must stand in the top positions. Therefore, the important thing of Onpage SEO is to put your website on the first positions in the search results on google.

Other reasons:

Google is getting better and smarter by applying machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. It can be seen: MUM, BERT, Neural Matching and RankBrain are new breakthroughs that allow google to understand what users want to search and respond to better results.

However, the way google renders search results still relies on basic telltale cues like phrases and word matches. That basically shows that google still doesn’t understand all the content that customers want to search for, so it sometimes gives incorrect results.

 For example, when you try to search for a random competitive keyword, you will still see the exact keyword show up in the descriptions and titles of the pages. top ranking site.

So this is why you should focus on Onpage SEO techniques so that the Bot can understand, search and properly rank the content. However, it is not only about optimizing the Bot, but also prioritizing creating user experiences. Use Onpage SEO to help users interact more and keep them.

SEO Onpage là gì? 2

What is Onpage SEO to do?

Page title

SEO on page When optimizing, the title tag is a very important factor. important that you need to be very attentive. Title Tag is the brief content that appears at the top of the browser page, it is also the title for google to give search results.

Title Tag on social media platforms is used as the post title when sharing your post URL to their profile. Because this piece of content has the first position and is quite prominent, they are considered one of the important factors and have great SEO value.

Optimize meta description tag

These are short descriptions that will be displayed in the search results so that users can get a glimpse of the content of the site before clicking.< /span>

Recently, inserting keywords into the meta description tag is not as effective as it used to be. Instead of trying to stuff a lot of keywords in the description, use CTR optimization, help your website traffic higher, thereby helping to improve the ranking of keywords.

Optimize URL

URL is an important factor affecting Onpage SEO, the shorter the URL, the higher the ability to go to the top.

To optimize URLs, follow these tips:

  • Use user-friendly and keyword-rich URLs.
  • Not longer than 75 characters.
  • Does not use special characters and is written unsigned.
  • Do not use more than 3 subfolders.
  • Put the most important keyword in the URL.

Location for keywords

Keywords should be placed in the following locations:

  • Page title
  • URL
  • H1 tag
  • Header in body
  • Image name
  • Body
  • Headings H2, H3
  • B, U, I tags
  •  In Internal, External link 

Heading 1

  • Must contain important keywords (3rd in search volume)
  • Generalizes the content of the article.
  • Only using 1 heading tag 1, if there are many, it will make google confused, affecting the search ranking of the article.

  • Use different LSI keywords than URL and Title.

Heading 2-3

Heading 2-3 greatly affects SEO, so it needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Short but still must show the full content of the paragraph.
  • Use as many sub-headings as possible.
  • Heading 2-3 must contain some related keywords, be brief, cover the content, should not be too keyword-stuffed .

SEO Onpage là gì? 4

The number of words in the post

For main SEO pages, the minimum text is 1300.

Can add related keywords.

Bold main keywords

Main keywords make up about 1-3% of the article, these words should be bold.


Need to pay attention to image optimization by:

  • Images must be captioned and written without accents, with a “-” between words.
  • SEO Optimized Images tags.
  • Minimize image name before posting.

Outbound link and Internal link

A combination of Outbound link and Internal link is required.

Outbound links include links outside of your website. This is a way to help google better understand the content of your website and help create trust that increases many times.

Internal link makes it easy for google to navigate users, quickly collects information, helps information to link articles together.

Improve page speed

Page speed can be improved by:

  • Reduce the size of HTML, CSS…over 150 bytes by using file compression software.
  • Photoshop photos so they don’t break or blur.
  • Optimizing code.
  • Restrict web navigation.
  • Reduce image size.

SEO Onpage là gì? 3

Mobile-friendly Website

With more and more mobile users today, google prioritizes the mobile user experience. So designing websites that are easy to use on phones also becomes a ranking factor.

Web age

This is a non-optimized element, but you can refresh the content, add information to make it more attractive.

Social share

Google appreciates that users share the website’s articles on social networking sites. So you should take advantage of it by creating quality and useful content for many people to share the article on social networking sites.

Advanced Onpage Optimization Standards in 2022

Optimize Onpage including standards:

  • Optimize URL
  • Optimized Title
  • Optimize headings
  • Design the table of contents makes a difference
  • Bold main keyword in post
  • Ensure article length
  • Semantic Keyword
  • Optimize images
  • Optimized Meta Description
  • Optimized Readability


The above article explained very clearly What is Onpage SEO? Simple Onpage SEO Optimization Guide 2022. In addition, you can learn more about what is onpage offpage seo through the course SEO Training of we . Hope this article has provided you with a lot of useful knowledge.