What is Link Juice? Things you should know about Link Juice

What is Link Juice? Things you should know about Link Juice

Have you heard the term Link Juice? Words are often mentioned in the field of SEO. To understand more about this term, let’s find out with Vio Academy What is Link Juice right in the following article!

What is Link Juice?

What is Link juice? You can simply understand, Link juice is a term used to measure how much or how little of a power. external backlinks. Includes internal links between pages together on the same website, external links, links from the main website to other websites.

For every link that leads to your page, there will be a certain link juice attached. That way you can understand link juice as well as a flow of water in the system. The more links that lead to the page, the more power passes through the website, the more power of the web increases. Thus, the prestige and quality of the website is highly appreciated.

How does Link Juice work? Is it important?

Link Juice là gì?

To understand how Link Juice works, you can read through the example we give below. When you compare 2 sites X and Y on the same factors. For the case, site X has 1 affiliate link and site Y has no affiliate link. When the results are returned, you will see that page X has a higher ranking than page Y thanks to “Link Juice” that is led from an external linking site.

But in case Y also has a link similar to page X, the ranking in the search results will be proportional to each other and also proportional to number of metrics for inbound and outbound links to other sites.

Is Link Juice important?

It can be said that link juice contributes an important part to the power of the website. Although Google has previously rejected the calculation of PageRank and terms related to link strength. Some important roles in SEO of link juice can be mentioned:

  • Based on link juice, Google can better understand the structure of a website, the owner is on that website and find new pages website faster. Google bots can crawl even better.
  • Link juice will do the job of directing users to more useful, more reputable websites. From there, giving users a lot of useful information.

What is a Quality Link Juice?

Link Juice là gì? 2

A link juice is considered quality when it has high rankings on search engines and is linked from many different reputable sites. In addition, that link juice brings many benefits to users. Some criteria are set out to choose a specific “link white hat” as follows: 

  • These are common links that provide useful information to users
  • Websites mentioned in the media.
  • Link white hat is tied to pages with content relevant to your site’s topic
  • It’s a page that contains few external links.

How websites get Link Juice

Top 3 tools to help get more Link Juice

  • Small SEO Tools: this is a versatile tool, especially free, with more than 100 different outstanding features. Support users to check plagiarism, page rank,… Help users optimize website SEO standards.
  • SEO Review Tools: You will own data such as the domain name, the number of external links leading to your site, the page also allows lead 10 pages at a time.
  • Open Site Explorer: this website belongs to Moz system, users are allowed to use it for free, you can easily search information of competitor pages or websites.

How to get a website to get Link Juice

To get Link Juice seo from website, need to mine through internal links. To build internal links, it is necessary to start from building anchor text in a very flexible way. It is necessary to provide links to websites that include all quality and reputable content in order to add useful knowledge and attract users. To minimize link spam, you should update the call to attract customers.

How to get Link Juice by keyword

To implement how to get link juice using keywords, it is recommended to choose keywords with high accuracy, as this can lead to the misunderstanding that you are spamming . Instead of using the same word over and over, choose to try LSI keywords or synonyms. Unnecessary outbound links should be removed, because the amount of value in a page will likely be divided equally by the total number of links on that page. Based on search traffic, you can get the amount of Internal Links of a Google Search Console page 

More tips for getting link juice for your website

Link Juice là gì? 3

Some other tips you can apply to get link juice for your website

  • Tag hreflang for international sites: hreflang tags will give the page a good foundation. Allows link juice to be shared between sites, language versions. Alternatively, this tag can also add XML to the site’s domain map. Give search engines direct access to most pages and their versions with a single file.
  • Link reclamation this is the process by which search engines refer to your brand online. Can be any shape or size. Ask the publisher to convert to a link.
  • Linkbait content – ​​Skyscraper technique: for content created with content that readers are waiting to find. Bringing useful values ​​will promote sharing. This is called the Skyscraper technique.
  • Outreach: when the right linkbait content has been built. You start working to reach out to the community.

Methos to maximize Link Juice

A few methods by which you can maximize Link Juice:

  • Remove all sites that are no longer relevant 
  • Avoid keyword spam in posts
  • Make a list that includes the main keywords, keywords that have the same meaning as the main keyword. Their content must be relevant to the page’s topic content.


What is Link Juice has been clarified by Vio Academy through the content shared above. Hopefully, through this, readers have had a more specific and objective view of Link Juice as well as its importance in SEO. Don’t forget to visit Vio Academy to learn about the course SEO Training< /a>. With more interesting information about Marketing!



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