Summary of 12 Facebook advertising policies that you should know in 2022

Facebook advertising is a marketing activity that any business needs to do, to improve brand awareness as well as find customers. Running Facebook ads is quite popular nowadays. So do you know Facebook advertising policy yet? Find out now.

What is the Facebook Advertising Policy?

facebook’s Advertising Policy are the rules put in place by facebook to regulate what content is advertised and what is prohibited. No advertising on this social media platform.

When you submit information, the software will follow the regulations on facebook ad running policy see if it’s suitable for review. Therefore, carefully learning the policies and rules of facebook before running ads will help you not to spend too much time doing it again and again if your content is not approved.

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Facebook Ads policy review process

Usually when running ads on your facebook page, once submitted, it will take 24 hours or so to moderate.

Facebook will consider the following for ad approval:

  • Content Landing Page: check that your landing page is fully functional and relevant to the services/products in your ad report no.
  • Ad asset: text, image, layout layout, target meets the ad’s policies .
  • Facebook will notify you when the results are available. When the ad is approved, facebook will run ads and you can track the progress of running ads on Facebook Ads Manager.

Toggle Facebook advertising policy you must know

Here is the latest update of the facebook ad policy 2022 renewed compared to the facebook advertising policy 2021 please read the update below

Do not use before and after images

In the beauty industry such as spa, cosmetics… often use before and after images to show customers the difference and see the effectiveness of using the product. Products. This will increase customers’ trust in the business.

However, Facebook considers these images to be offensive and defamatory, so such advertising images will not be approved.< /span>

Maybe sometimes on facebook you will see such images running ads before and after, but will soon be detected by facebook’s filters and locked out of your account.

Do not use 18+ images

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With images, videos of 18+ nature or depraved videos facebook does not allow to run ads.

Almost all ad networks prohibit 18+ images, not just facebook.

Images that expose too much skin also don’t allow ads.

With images that are too revealing violation of facebook advertising policy you need to be careful to avoid being locked out of your account.

With such images you can only post to articles on Fanpage. If you want to advertise, check carefully.

Do not use copyrighted images

With advertising content related to images, big brand facebook does not allow you to advertise.

Shop owners specializing in genuine order goods such as shoes and perfumes of major brands often make this mistake.

When doing business with famous brands, you need to be very careful because if unfortunately found to be infringing trademark copyright your account will be locked and will not can be reopened. But you should not worry too much because there is still a way to circumvent the law to run normal ads.

Do not use celebrity images for ads

You will be allowed to use celebrity images for advertising if you have signed a contract with them. The remaining cases will not be allowed.

Overseas this issue is very strict, but in Vietnam these rules are still loose. Sometimes on facebook you can still see advertising images of famous people for a certain product that they are not brand representatives, still no problem. However, you still need to be careful in this to avoid being locked out of your account running facebook ads.

Prohibit images related to violence, weapons such as guns.

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Compared to the facebook advertising policy 2020 then with images Photos with violent nature such as gore, knives, guns… Facebook bans you from advertising.

In Vietnam, there are a number of shops selling products such as nunchaku, baton… with the purpose of providing users for self-defense. But facebook is strictly forbidden and will lock your account if you post these images, so you need to research carefully.

Do not use offensive words

In facebook policy does not allow the use of offensive words. However, they only speak in a general way and do not fully list us what words they are.

However, through our experience of running ads for many brands on Facebook, we share with you some words that Facebook considers offensive, including:

Round 1


Fat loss, slimming


Physical weakness


In some cases where it is mandatory to use the above words in the ad content, there is still a way to circumvent the law to include it.

Discriminatory posts are not allowed

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For advertising types such as jobs, credit, real estate… facebook adds a non-discrimination policy.

According to facebook factors related to discrimination such as postal code, age, gender… Therefore, this makes it difficult for advertisers fox. Because it will not be possible to filter potential customers by the above factors.

Do not use commit words.

Do not use commit words.

Do not use wording of representation.

Facebook believes that there is no 100% absolute. So your posts with the above content will be scanned or approved for a long time.

Do not use splashy words

Ad content must not contain elements that shock, frighten, or sensationalize viewers. For example, images of fighting, killing, violence…

Deprecating inactive landing pages

Landing page is your landing page or website,

Most ads will include landing pages to look for inbound traffic.

However, the advertiser needs to make sure the site is up and running at all times. Avoid the case that the website is inaccessible or crashed while running ads.

Prohibit advertising of tobacco-related products

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Tobacco is a harmful product to human health. Causes serious diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis… So facebook will do very tightly to products related to this item.

Most shops selling this product use tricks to circumvent advertising.

Does not spell the word “Facebook” correctly

Facebook will not approve posts that do not contain the word “Facebook”. That is, the letter F must be capitalized, the characters behind must be written in full, not abbreviated.


The above article explained to you what the facebook advertising policy is and updated the latest facebook advertising policy . Hopefully, it will help you not to encounter the above mistakes in the process of running ads.

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