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Web SEO is a fairly popular discipline that many people are interested in. There are many centers open for training in this field. So what is SEO? Is it difficult to learn SEO? Which unit provides professional SEO training? Let’s learn about this field with VIO Academy.

What is SEO? Importance of SEO

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, this is a way of optimizing search engines, including a collection of all solutions aimed at helping your website get a lot of free, quality traffic through search engines like Bing, Yahoo or Google.

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Thanks to SEO, customers can access websites without paying search engines. Ranking your website on search results pages depends on how well you SEO the web? That determines an important part of achieving your business goals.

There are 6 popular website forms:

Overall SEO: based on Google’s standards and a number of factors to optimize websites, increase the quality and reputation of the web, and help improve the user experience.

Keyword SEO: to increase rankings on search results, you need to optimize keywords.

SEO Social: Distributing on Twitter or Facebook to improve the ranking of the website.

Image SEO: this is a form of optimizing website images, products ranking high on image search engines, Google search results.

SEO App: helps the app appear when searching on the phone.

Local SEO: This type is suitable for local business, helping to attract more customers to the store.

Importance of SEO

Highly converting

If Facebook runs ads based on guessing the user’s interests, on Google, customers are the ones who need to actively search for information. So when customers find you, the conversion rate will be higher.

Save a lot of money in the long run

In order for your website to be ranked on google, it will take a certain amount of time. But when your keyword is already in the top 10, it will bring in customers at no extra cost to you. Businesses will save a lot of money.

Many customers approach

Search Engine Land statistics that the percentage of customers on social channels accounts for only 5%, while customers visiting search websites have a rate of 51%. This means that if you want users to use your service, you need to optimize for search engines.

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Optimize website conversion

Most users have the habit of looking for information about services and products before deciding to buy. Therefore, through optimizing the content, SEO also helps improve user experience, increase search rankings on pages. When the customer’s search intent is met, it will help increase the likelihood of purchase conversion.

Increased brand awareness

When the brand of the business is remembered by customers, it is more effective than when it first appeared on the market.

Overall SEO helps businesses to rank high in product, field, and industry keywords. Regularly appearing and reaching many customers will help businesses build their brand quickly.

Increasing market share on online channels

It is estimated that in Vietnam, there are about 57 million internet users, ranking 16th in the world rankings. This figure shows that the internet is a big market for businesses.

When investing in SEO early, businesses will have a solid user market share, limiting the competition of businesses.

Building trust with customers

In fact, with a keyword, while in search results the click-through rate is 64%. But in ads, the click rate is only about 6%.

It shows that customers will trust 3rd party reviews more than advertising from businesses. When standing in the top 10, you are considered relevant and useful to google, which brings very good advertising efficiency.

Is it easy or difficult to learn SEO?

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In terms of online business, SEO training is a highly competitive field. To get high rankings on search results. Promote corporate branding. Giving customers a sales message you have to surpass many other competitors. If your ranking is only at 40 – 50. It is very difficult for you to reach the target customers.

For beginners, it’s often easy to give up. Because SEO is a job that requires a lot of new knowledge. Much technical. SEO needs things like competitor analysis. Use the tool to research keywords, build content and structure for the sales page according to the main keywords. Optimize images, meta descriptions, headings…

Besides, learning SEO needs skills such as reasoning, analysis, and writing ability. In addition, SEO people need to have patience. Market, always adapt to the new because trends, customer behavior is always changing.

Therefore, learning SEO is easy or difficult depending on the ability and perception of each person.

Career opportunities after SEO training for SEOers

Nowadays, the development of technology also internet. Has changed the way people shop mainly online. This has helped the online marketing industry to thrive. Open up great career opportunities for SEOers.

Realize the importance of SEO. Enterprises are now very interested in investing in this department. If you take a look at the job sites, you can see that there are many SEO job postings.

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Currently, there are many businesses recruiting SEO without experience. That shows that there is a shortage of personnel in this industry. This is a great opportunity for SEOers.

So if you are confused about choosing the right career. You can choose SEO career, because job opportunities in this industry are many.

Why should you take the SEO course at VIO Academy?

If you are looking for an seo course in Ho Chi Minh City, you can refer to VIO Academy. With a team of experienced instructors. Are the leading experts in the field of Digital Marketing. We specialize in providing seo training services with seo marketing courses. Hand held seo training just work.

VIO Academy has a lot of seo training classes with courses on seo. Google seo course, basic seo course, keyword seo training…

C’s seo training centerwe have free seo courses, you can join to try it out.

At VIO Academy, there are also online seo training programs. You don’t need to travel far and still can learn SEO yourself at home. At the time you want.

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Above are the sharing of basic knowledge in professional SEO training. To find the reputable seo course and those of you who are looking for seo tphcm courses, please contact us if you are in need. Hopefully this article also helps you to orient your career to make the best choice.

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