What is Tiktok green tick? How to register for a Tiktok green tick?

Entertainment on the TikTok platform is the current trend. There are many visits and downloads of the application every day. Have you used the app and regularly monitor and access it? Are you a business, an advertiser? Have you ever been interested in green ticks on TikTok. So what is TikTok green tick? TikTok green tick is a sign that the account has been verified. So how to own a TikTok green tick? Find out right here.

What is TikTok green tick?

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If you’ve ever experienced social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram, you probably don’t feel unfamiliar with green ticks on personal accounts.< /span>

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An account with a green check mark is easily accessible to network users, and a green check mark is also a sign to identify which is the main account, which is the mark. to prove that the channel has a lot of good, interesting and interesting content that you should not miss.

What is the meaning of the blue tick on TikTok?

The blue tick on TikTok is gì? You must have imagined it. In terms of form, it is only a way to identify, but for users and customers, the green tick has special significance as follows:

  • Green checkmark to enhance individual identification, organization helps verify which is the official account, avoiding fake objects , taking advantage of popularity and many followers to set up similar accounts to attract viewers.
  • An account with a green check will receive good security from the maker of TikTok
  • An account with a green check will get support for capacity and other outstanding and different features from the manufacturer TikTok.
  • Information related to changes in policies, strategies, terms about apps with green ticks will be received the earliest notice.
  • A green check account is one of the ways to build trust with customers and if you want to use your TikTok account to target When it comes to advertising, commerce and sales goals, green ticks are the way to promote customers’ consumption decisions.

Conditions to receive TikTok 2022 blue mark

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Green tick on TikTok is one of the identifying features with many meanings that many users want to aim for, although not everyone experiences and uses the application as well. get green tick.

To get a green tick on TikTok you first need to ensure the following conditions before registering:

  • For each stage, the content transmitted on your personal page must be consistent with the regulations set out by the manufacturer .
  • For each target group, there will be conditions to register for a separate green check on TikTok as follows:

For normal people

  • To achieve a green mark requires 2 million followers or 25 million likes for content posted on TikTok.
  • You need to make sure you publish at least 3 videos/week and also share it on your profile. multiply.
  • Video content needs to be consistent with TikTok community guidelines for at least 3 consecutive months.

For a group of people who already have a green tick from other channels like Facebook, youtube

  • Must reach 500k followers
  • Posted video content needs to conform to the regulations of the TikTok user community
  • After registering to receive the green tick, the account needs to make sure to post at least 12 videos/month and share at least 8 posts/ month for 2 consecutive months.

With a group of 30,000 followers on TikTok

You need to verify victory at at least one TikTok event

Corporate customer group

Business profile verification required by their TikTok producer

How to register a green tick on TikTok 2022

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Achieving the green tick requires account owners, administrators need to have a separate strategy. To register to receive TikTok green tick is not too complicated and includes the following steps:

  • Step 1: Visit TikTok’s homepage
  • Step 2: Check the options on your profile
  • Step 3: Enter the URL of the account you want to register to receive the green tick
  • Step 4: Provide the personal information TikTok requires
  • Step 5: Enter the reason and content that you want to receive a green tick for the registered account
  • Step 6: Select submit then wait for a response from Tik Tok admin (Response time in about 24h).

What does a green tick on TikTok mean?

Basically it’s just a form of identification, but considering the TikTok advertising platform. An account with a green credit will receive a lot of advantages and benefits. In addition to meeting the conditions and ensuring the above registration steps. You need to have a few tips in hand to increase your chances of owning a green check for your TikTok account as follows:

  • Spend time to study the trend, the hot trend of the times is of great interest to many people. And become prominent on the TikTok platform from which you should focus on a personal channel building strategy. To engage viewers on a consistent basis with TikTok’s rules and community standards.
  • Regularly edit and change content so that your channel becomes new, unique and attractive.
  • Trending, hot trending videos should be posted in golden hours. Include relevant featured hashtags. Make it easy for users to access your videos when they are searching for similar content.
  • Interact with people with green ticks, with many users to expand relationships. Get people interested in your account.
  • Focus on investing in personal page images, accompanying applications to music storage with video duration, output frequency video.


So the above article has helped you understand TikTok green tick what is it? TikTok is an entertainment platform that combines commerce. Many users and marketers are interested in the current period. Receiving a green check for your account is one of the ways to increase your conversions. Attract viewers, identify individuals and brands. If your account is for commercial purposes, increase sales. Getting the green check mark is the wish of many users. But if you are not an experienced person, specializing in the field of marketing. Or famous people, it is not easy to get a green tick.

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