10 ways to trend Tiktok fast, simple and effective 2022

As a content creator, everyone wants their videos to be trending. Trending tiktok will be an opportunity for many people to know your channel, subscribe to it, follow and chat. It is also one of the ways to help you build a personal image, increase conversions and you can use TikTok for business and make money. So how to make TikTok videos trend. Discover these how to trend TikTok now.

What is TikTok trending?

Trend TikTok or how to trend TikTok is one of the phrases that many tiktok social network users are interested in, who use TikTok for commercial purposes. The essence of the problem here is to help the posted videos, the TikTok channel reach many viewers.

To be trending in TikTok, the channel, or the posted video needs to have views, a large heart rate means that the number of followers also increases. Often the videos that are easy to trend are entertainment topics, news information…

10 The fastest and most effective way to trend TikTok 2022

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How to make videos trending? Here you can refer to some of the fastest TikTok trending ways collected and statistically 2022.

Complete Profile Setup

This is considered a preliminary step but plays an important role in the process of promoting the channel to the trend. To make sure that your account, your videos can reach the trend you need to know how to create a trending TikTok account with the required information to prove that it is a reputable account such as:

  • Picture image
  • TikTok ID
  • Your TikTok display name needs to be impressive or can be your personal name
  • Some background info
  • Other social media links

Interact with other users

<3 and don't forget to interact with other accounts, especially celebrities, accounts with green ticks. It is at this time this TikTok will understand that you are a real user, the account is reliable and reputable.

Make videos every day

One ​​of the way to trend on TikTok is to go videos every day because TikTok encourages accounts to post videos regularly. However, pay attention to the video content and the consistency between the videos.

Don’t forget to use TikTok trend hashtags in videos

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In each video posted to TikTok, a description will be included. When writing descriptions for videos in addition to impressive words, you should use more Hashtags to help your videos easily appear in viewers’ searches. This is one of the ways to make videos trending on TikTok quickly and you should definitely not miss it.

Get channel views, followers of your channel from other social networking sites

If you are a co-owner of other channels like facebook, Instagram, Youtube… with huge followers and fans, this is one of the good conditions and opportunities to attract viewers to your TikTok channel.

When a TikTok video you post, don’t forget to share it on other social networking sites to attract viewers, direct viewers to your tiktok channel.< /span>

Invest in quality, content posted on videos

The number of users, posting videos on TikTok is relatively large. You are also a user wondering how to make TikTok videos trending, not only you wondering. Because videos on TikTok, there are also quite a few types of impressive, unique, good to bad or poor quality that make viewers feel bored and don’t want to watch because of that, your video will sink.< /span>

Before uploading a video, please prepare carefully for content, images, color quality and sound. Make sure your video impresses viewers from the very first second.

Pay attention to video length

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Video length is thought to be a secondary factor, but it is decisive to the stay or leave of viewers. The optimal duration for a video to be uploaded should be between 30s-60s. This is statistically the time period that users like and accept to stay the most.

The nature of the TikTok social network is short videos so one of the ways videos trending TikTok before posting is by paying attention to the length of the video.< /span>

Use trending TikTok music

Videos containing Trending music or Trending content will often be displayed and interact more with viewers. That’s why when setting up music for a video, if you don’t know which music to choose, choosing music according to Trend is a perfect suggestion.

Leave a question for video viewers

This is one of the methods to help your video get more comments and from there your video will attract exchange discussion, increase impression, promote the possibility of uptrend. The questions do not need to be too difficult, sometimes it is an obvious question that will have an answer. Discussing and giving answers is always the most interesting issue for viewers.

Choose a video upload time frame

One ​​of the ways to be trending TikTok is to choose the time frame to upload the video. Just like other social networks and you personally do not always have time to use social networks for entertainment. So what time frame is considered “golden” when posting videos. Find out more here.

The golden hours of trending TikTok videos

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There are 4 golden hours of the day  if you are a creator on TikTok. Then you definitely should not miss to attract your videos to have many views. Comments and interactions. That’s also how to make the TikTok channel trend with the following time frames:

  • From 6am to 9am: The time when people wake up, have breakfast. Surf the social network TikTok for entertainment and news.
  • Around 11:30-13:30: Time for people to take a lunch break and watch TikTok to relax. According to statistics, the number of people online TikTok during this period is quite large.
  • From 6pm to 8pm: Time for dinner and entertainment. Read news, watch TikTok take a break
  • From 10 pm to 24 pm: Although at night, there are many young people. Or the “night owls” who like to stay up late surfing TikTok. If you want to advertise and introduce products, this is also a good time frame.


How to make TikTok videos trending has been shared on. Hopefully it’s one of those valuable tips to help content creators. Just like account holders promoting their TikTok channel, their TikTok videos are trending. To join advanced TikTok marketing course< span style="font-weight: 400;">. Help with marketing experience and knowledge on the TikTok platform. Please contact VIO ACADEMY.


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