What is Off-page SEO? Instructions on how to SEO Offpage simple and effective

If you are working in the field of SEO, surely the concept of Offpage SEO is no longer strange. However, for many people who are new to digital marketing, this is a fairly new concept. What is Offpage SEO? Off-page SEO is a collection of tips to optimize factors outside the Website, helping the Website to top Google search. To know how to do simple and effective Offpage SEO, follow this article.

What is Offpage SEO?

Offpage SEO is the trick of building links outside of the website to increase links from other websites pointing to the landing page, helping to promote keyword rankings, pull more lots of traffic.

This is a very important step in SEO, when you focus on SEO Offpage optimization your website will increase more traffic and your website will easily get to the top of Google.

SEO Offpage là gì

Offpage SEO is link building, marketing on channels like Social Media Bookmarking, Social Media…

In the 3 elements of Social Media Marketing, Link Building, Social Media Bookmarking) and other factors, Link Building is the most important factor.

Link Building greatly affects the ranking of your keywords and website in google search.

A website that has SEO success or not is due to a good or bad link building strategy.

Distinguish between onpage SEO and offpage SEO

There are 2 main factors to distinguish between onpage SEO and offpage SEO:

  • Activity: If Onpage SEO can have full control over your actions on the website, with Offpage SEO will be the opposite. . This happens when backlinks, reviews, social interactions and more are driven by the behavior of others.
  • Rating factors:
  • SEO Onpage: 

Page Quality: the page will be ranked objectively according to your opinion. Therefore, if you want your website to rank high, the content of the articles must be impressive and attract readers and viewers.

Keyword: this is a phrase for users to search for, content related to your website. However, it should be noted that you should not abuse too many keywords into the article, but should focus on keywords that have a lot of searches.

Relevance: The content of the article needs to be built to match the keywords that users often search for. On the other hand, the content of the website should not be left out of date.

Other factors

SEO Offpage

Page structure: Your website must ensure all elements: title tag, title tag, alt text, meta description .

URL structure: ensures no confusion when crawling and crawling from one site to another.

Internal linking: makes it easier for search engines to crawl your website and helps keep visitors on longer.

Page performance: is a factor that helps your site rank. If your website takes too long to load, viewers will get annoyed and leave. So your website must be optimized for images and have a standard design.

  • SEO Offpage:

Backlinks: this element helps to build the authority of the site and helps more people know the site. . Backlinks can be built by: creating blog posts with website related content, participating in reviews on sites with similar content, or linking Facebook to your website.

Domain influence: affected by history of activity, age of domain name as well as referral volume, equivalent author.

Why is Link Building important in Offpage SEO?

Tại sao Link Building lại quan trọng trong SEO Offpage

Link building is a very important job. Help your website increase high ranking on google search engine.

Because google attaches great importance to the quantity and quality of backlinks pointing to the website. Backlinks are considered as votes to help your website become a good candidate. Go to the top of the search results.

Google will update every minute to evaluate which site is at the top of search. Therefore, Link Building has an important role in optimizing Offpage SEO.

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A simple and effective guide to Offpage SEO

To understand what Offpage SEO is, you must first understand the following tasks so that vOffpage SEO work is as effective as desired.

Creating quality links

When doing online marketing two things are important: building links and quality content. So backlinks are an essential part of Offpage SEO optimization. Because backlinks help your website be recognized and appreciated for quality. Besides, articles with good content, related to the location where the backlink is located will help attract people’s attention and interest.

Social Bookmark/ Social Profile & Citation

This type of backlink is very easy to build on social networking sites. Creating a Profile, Account for a website or Blog on social networking sites. It will be a way to help your website connect with many customers. Especially articles with good and quality content will be interested by many people. The shares from there help your website have good coverage and be known by many people.

Tạo nên các liên kết chất lượng

Automatic Backlink – IFTTT

Backlink automation is an important tool for SEOs. It has the function of helping to automate quality backlinks to your web pages. You just need to design fixed formulas and you can get hundreds of quality backlinks.

Forum and Blog Comment

Forum and Blog Comment are very effective tools, not to be missed. This is a very easy to use tool and completely free

PBN – Private Blog Network

This is a software that helps build quality backlinks with little budget. It helps to bring good effect in ranking your website.

Social Media Marketing

You can use channels like Twitter, Facebook to build channels related to your niche. Here, you need to build articles with engaging content. To get more likes and shares. This will help increase traffic to your website.

Social Bookmarking

You can share your website on social networking sites through Social Bookmarking

You can refer to the following 2 ways for effective Offpage SEO 

Link model: this is a model that requires a large investment of time. However, if done well, it will help your website rank higher.

Breakthrough with Anchor Text: Anchor text is the text we often see when we click on a Hyperlink (hyperlink). It helps to redirect to new URLs or web pages.


Hopefully the above article by Vio Academy has brought you useful information. Help you understand more about what Offpage SEO is. Also understand what is the difference between SEO on page off page. From there, it helps you understand more about the importance of building a Link Building system for your website.

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