What is Tiktok Ads? Things you should know about Tiktok ads

One ​​of the entertainment and e-commerce applications that is preferred by many social network users today, especially young people, is TikTok. Tiktok is now quite popular and familiar to most people. So do you know what Tiktok Ads is? Find out right here in this article.

What is Tiktok ads?

Tiktok ads aka the term Tiktok ads is a form of using the social network TikTok to carry out marketing campaigns and advertising campaigns to attract customers and expand brands.

Tiktok ads is a current trend that many marketers are interested in because according to 2020 statistics when the TikTok social network started to develop, it has more than 800 million downloads. Download and be one of the most downloaded apps of the year, this number will be even bigger in 2022. So why TikTok ads 2022 you don’t find out when more and more potential customers are using that app. The trend of TikTok users is becoming more and more popular, so implementing a marketing application on the TikTok platform is a really necessary thing.

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Different from platforms like facebook, youtube, TikTok has a distinctive feature with short video sharing, copyright music store full of songs and effects Unique, impressive. The videos you set up on TikTok are highly engaging so viewers will also notice the promotional product.

Through videos that are essentially entertainment, viewers will find the sales page you want to attach, which can be your website, your booth on commercial sites electronic.

Tiktok ad types

What is TikTok ads running? What types of ads are there? That is really a question that quite a lot of people research and care about. Tiktok ads currently have the following featured ad types.

Brand Takeovers

This ad is shown to the user as soon as the app is opened, they are shown full screen video to the target audience.

If your goal is to provide public awareness and drive sales, then brand takeovers are a perfect choice. Some brands may appear as still images, gifs or videos or links for users to click and go to the landing page.

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Native Video ads

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In- Feed ads

A scrolling video ad on the page. In-feed ads are similar to instagram stories ads.

 With In-Feed Ads you can unleash your creativity with short videos from   9-15 seconds with attractive call to action buttons.

With in-feed ads you will be more proactive in interacting with ads, directing users to websites or downloading apps easily.

Video Challenges

This is a form of advertising that contains viral #hashtags to attract a wide audience to participate in filming videos under that topic and hashtag. Then the filmed item will be shared widely and made known to many people.

Insert an illustration

With this ad, the poster will insert one or more product images or several posters containing the full content of the product in the video with or without sound included.

Create TikTok ad account

What is an ad on TikTok? It can be said that this is an advertising platform on TikTok and a potential new social network trend, many customers use, many downloads. You are an individual, you are a business who wants to create an advertising account on TikTok but do not know how. First of all you need to know that TikTok advertising account includes personal account and Agency advertising account.

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  • Ad account as individual: This is a way to run your own ads that requires experience and knowledge in the field marketing on the TikTok platform. Some problems you may encounter without experience such as ads not approved, not working.
  • Ad agency: A form of advertising account authorized by TikTok for media and advertising companies to serve the purpose of advertising. Advertising purposes for businesses and small business units. With this form, you will receive maximum support from the function or a lot of incentives from Agency companies. With this advertising partnership, you will receive effective advertising, campaign building support, ad optimization…

Create a TikTok ad account needs to go through the following steps:

  • Step 1: visit website:https:// www.business-TikTok.com/ 
  • Step 2: Enter Email, phone number, password.
  • Step 3: Click the Send code button to receive the verification code and enter the verification code after receiving it, then click the OK button .
  • Step 5: Click Sign up to complete the registration

How to run TikTok ads

What is TikTok ads? Tiktok ads manager is one of the advertising managers that many marketers focus on, running ads on the TikTok platform without experience will not be effective. Here is a guide on how to run TikTok ads you should refer to.

Select an ad objective

TikTok ads now have 3 main goals:

  • Traffic: Your ad template is served to get the most hits
  • App Install: Ads targeting target audience
  • Conversions: Ads that increase customer conversions

Name the TikTok channel and budget for the campaign

Make sure your campaign name appears concise and concise with the message you want to convey.

Budget is always one of the points to build in advertising campaigns. With TikTok ads, the budget will be in Indian currency, 1 INR = 320 VND.

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Choose where to display ads

If you only advertise on TikTok platform you will click on this platform otherwise you can advertise on other platforms as well.

Ad settings

This item will have two important elements:

  • URL of the link to the page when the customer clicks on the ad
  • Conversion Name: You need to generate a pixel code on your app and then put it in the url where you run your ads.

Make pixels on TikTok

You go to Library, select Manage section of Website Pixel and follow the instructions

Select Targeting

Depending on the product and the purpose of the ad. You can choose your target audience. The more specific the product, the more detailed the information about the target audience should be.

Set your budget and set up your ad schedule

With minimum budget for running ads on TikTok per day is 640,000 VND. And you can optionally install based on that budget.

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Bidding and optimization

This is one of the suggested options to help you optimize your ads on TikTok including:

  • Optimization Goal: Should choose Conversion for effective conversion
  • Smart Optimization: Should choose if you are inexperienced
  • Bid: Set the bid you want per conversion
  • Delivery Type: You choose Accelerated if you want fast ad delivery. Or Standard if you want normal speed.

Set up display ads

This is considered the final step of running ads on TikTok. The items you need to select are the following:

  • Aspect ratio recommended xuatsaL 9:16/1:1/16:9
  • Resolution : ≥ 720 * 1280px / ≥ 640 * 640px / 1280 * 720px.
  • File type: .mp4 / .mov / .mpeg / .3gp / .avi.
  • Bitrate: 16 516kbps.
  • Video length: short video 5 ~ 60 seconds (9 ~ 15 seconds recommended).
  • File size: 500MB.

Some notes when running TikTok Ads

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  • Learn the principles, rules and content of the TikTok advertising policy
  • Content needs to be creative, new, unique and breakthrough.
  • Prepare a Landing Page to navigate, drawing shoppers to your target page.


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