What is Tiktoker? Does Tiktoker make money as rumored?

In recent years, the social networking platform Tik tok is quite popular, attracting a large number of users, with all ages and backgrounds in society. This is an entertainment playground as well as a virtual place for many people to earn real money. These people are called Tiktokers. What is Tiktoker? Tiktoker is a term that describes a content creator on Tiktok. So does this job really make money? Find out now.

What is TikToker?

What is TikTok? Tik tok is a social networking platform where users can view short video content that others have shared or posted themselves. upload short videos. In Tik Tok, there are convenient and easy-to-use functions, users can use sound effects, colors to edit their videos. So videos on Tik Tok are often very attractive.

TikToker is a user of the social network Tik Tok. This term is a combination of the name of the social networking platform Tik Tok and   “user” (English means: user).

TikToker là gì?

It can be understood simply that when you successfully post a video on Tik Tok, you have become a TikToker. You can make short videos to showcase your talents like dancing, singing, or your sense of humour, to attract a wide audience. When your Tik Tok account and posts attract many followers and many viewers you will become a hot tiktoker.

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Where does TikToker make money

Tiktoker is considered an industry, so where do they make money? There are many ways for Tiktoker to make money.

Advertisement for brands and brands

This is a way to make money almost like advertising for brands on other social networks such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook… Let brands “choose to send gold”. , to be an advertiser for their business you must be a celebrity, having a certain influence on social networks. In tiktoker videos, there must be content about the brand’s products, images, hashtags for viewers to easily find and increase interaction.

You will be the intermediary between the buyer and the seller, your job is to advertise information about the product, not accept responsibility for shipping, source or Direct customer support. This job is a pretty easy and attractive way to make money for celebrities who already have an impact on the online community rather than new entrants to the field.

Run Tiktok Ads

If you don’t have the talent or appearance to build impressive content on tik tok, you can make money by running Tiktok Ads. This is a form of making money like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads. At the present time, tik tok is a new and emerging social networking platform in recent years, so the management and development department does not have too strict rules in inserting ads. So if you are new to tik tok you can make money this way.

TikToker là gì?

Receive donations from fans

What is a fan donation for TikTokers? On Tik Tok, there is a livestream application, Tiktokers can interact and chat directly with fans through this application. When watching livestream/video, fans can give gifts or money to Tiktoker. Gifts can be hats, glasses, diamonds, hearts, flowers, lions, cars… they will be converted into money according to milestones. However, Tiktoker account holders need to deduct a certain percentage that has been agreed upon for Tik Tok.

Selling online on Tik Tok shop

Tiktok shop is gì? This is an online stall on Tik Tok, where you can sell products and goods. If you have a business with your own products, then Tik Tok is an ideal market that you can exploit. Or focus on investing in capturing impressive, eye-catching videos of the products for sale and uploading to Tik Tok. You need to do livestreams to sell products, consult, chat with customers to close orders.

How is Tiktoker’s income?

Tiktoker’s income has many different levels, depending on each person’s ability to interact, popularity, sales…

There are Tiktokers who only earn a few hundred thousand or a few million per month. But there are people who can earn tens of millions or hundreds of millions per week.

How to be a successful TikToker on TikTok

Becoming a successful TikToker on TikTok depends on a lot of factors. First you have to understand what is the job of TikToker? Next you have to do to attract the attention of many people, increase followers, interact… You can refer to the following ways:

TikToker là gì?

Build creative video content

Making a tiktoker is like making art, so creativity is essential. How to produce short videos but the content must be creative and different to make a strong impression on viewers. Once they have liked, impressed with your videos, they will follow your page, so you have fans.

Take advantage of looks

If you have a beautiful, graceful, impressive appearance. You can take advantage of this to build videos that attract viewers. Gen Z generations often use this way to both entertain on Tik Tok. But still earn extra income. This is also the reason why Vietnamese Tiktokers are quite young. Because they know how to exploit their strengths. Plus creativity, talent to attract others.

Update Tik Tok trend

Tik Tok is a social networking platform that constantly updates new and hot trends to attract users. You should not overlook this to generate new creative ideas that attract viewers.

Make a difference

Videos that mimic or mimic others are often unattractive to viewers. That’s why you need to be creative to make a difference based on basic factors. This will help you get good feedback from the audience. Making a difference is the way to help a successful Tiktoker.

The most famous TikTokers in Vietnam

In Vietnam, there are many famous TikTokers in many fields from entertainment, medical, science, speakers… Here are some examples

TikToker là gì?

Spirit Barbie

Nguyen Thi Dieu Linh – Linh Barbie was born in 1996 with 15.7 million followers. This Tiktoker is considered to be always creative in video content on Tik Tok. Each product has its own signature. Bring a positive, youthful energy to the community.

Tra Dang

A tiktoker with over 12 million followers. This is considered a creative person. Diversify from video content to investing in costumes. Her videos always receive great likes from the online community.


Above are the sharing explanations for the question what is tiktoker? What is tiktok trend? Through this article, you have gained basic knowledge about this industry. And you can choose to become a tiktoker if you have the talent.