What is Zalo ads? The most effective and economical way to run zalo ads

Nowadays, with the development of technology, the tastes of users as well as the trends of young people also change. The proportion of people using social networks is always larger than those who watch television and read newspapers. Therefore, instead of traditional forms of running advertising such as: Advertising in newspapers, on television, people switch to advertising on social networks. There are many means to run ads on social networks such as ads via facebook, tiktok, youtube… One of them is the form of running ads on zalo, which is focused by many businesses. So what is zalo ads? How to create a zalo ads account? How to run zalo ads effectively? Let’s find out with ViO ACADEMY right away.

What is Zalo Ads?

What is Zalo ads? it is like any advertising account on social networks like facebook ads, google ads. Therefore, users after registering for an account will proceed to top up zalo ads and manage their account. The system will automatically run ads so that businesses and store owners can actively directly create and optimize their ads.

Zalo Ads là gì?
Zalo Ads là gì?

The user’s personal account is also known as Zalo OA (Zalo Official account), the user is in charge of management, and the system will actively run ads to display posts to target customers.

Should I run on Zalo Ads?

In fact, if compared on other social networking platforms such as facebook, google ads, zalo seems to have a smaller market share. But that does not mean that you ignore this social network segment. Running on Zalo ads is really advisable because:

  • How to run ads on zalo ads is very simple, does not take much time and cost.
  • According to research, customers using the zalo platform account for the majority of the market at the age of 16-55 years old. This is considered the target customer that most businesses are targeting if they want to promote and introduce any product.
  • Voucher zalo ads always have many attractive promotions
  • zalo ads switchboard and enthusiastic and friendly customer care department will support you with any problems related to problems in running ads on zalo ads.

What are the forms of Zalo ads?

Zalo ads gồm các hình thức nào?
Zalo ads gồm các hình thức nào?

What is Zalo ads? includes 3 basic forms?

Ads attract users to like Zalo OA page

If you start any business, you need to have followers. Take advantage after being liked by users, your posts will attract followers and customers. Therefore, zalo Ads attracting users to like the page is considered successful and very suitable for newly set up Zalo OA accounts.

Advertise products on zalo ads (Zalo OA)

Zalo OA is like your representative booth. Any product, product image, product video or product story. Once published, you can create ads to increase visibility.

Advertises website traffic

With each article you can attach a website link to attract customers to visit the web. Those links are usually product links, sales links… Depending on how you run zalo ads and install ads.

Advantages of running zalo ads

Ưu điểm của chạy quảng cáo zalo ads
Ưu điểm của chạy quảng cáo zalo ads

Zalo ads me, zalo ads now have many advantages that businesses or stores choose by:

  • Cost saving: Compared with google ads, facebook ads zalo ads platform is quite new, the cost you have to pay for running ads is lower than other major platforms.
  • A large number of potential customers: The advantage of zalo is its ease of use, targeting all types of customers, especially from young to middle-aged people. Therefore, running ads on zalo ads is an opportunity for you to get a large number of potential customers.
  • Easy to measure and collect customer information: The effectiveness of creating zalo ads is easy to measure through the number of customers ordering, liking and following the page. Besides zalo many customers to display phone number mode, so having customer phone number information is a premise for your business’ advertising strategies.

How to run zalo ads economically and effectively

First of all to run ads on zalo ads you need to register zalo ads, also known as creating an ad account.

Step 1: Login to zalo ads interface

Users log in with their zalo account when accessing the link https://ads.zalo.me/ to log in and create an account advertising account. Usually there are two ways to log in:

  • Option 1: Fill in the phone number to register for zalo account and login password
  • Option 2: Scan the QR code with zalo app to log in to the system

After logging in to the ad account, for new users who log in for the first time, the system will give instructions for the account holder to set up the necessary information before creating an ad.

Step 2: Confirm information and advertising contract

Advertisers click on the step-by-step instructions and complete the information before creating an ad.

  • If the advertiser is an individual running the ad. Fill in your full name, phone number, address and choose where you know zalo ads from?
  • If the advertiser represents an organization/business. Fill in the information such as full name, phone number, address. And choose the information you know from where zalo ads. In case you need to issue an invoice for the total deposit for the month. Advertisers must consider entering information: Representative, business tax identification number. The invoice issuing address is exactly the same as the business declaration.

Step 3: Read and confirm the contract

The advertiser reads the information and selects “I have read the information and agree to the above terms”.

After the information is confirmed, the system will send a confirmation message and instructions to create the first ad. At the same time, advertisers consider recharging zalo ads.

To run zalo ads effectively and economically, you need to set up a policy to optimize zalo ads. By setting specific advertising cost limits, incorrect quotas are avoided. Wasting or ineffective for zalo ads.

The cost of zalo ads service is not too high at all. If your business has specific policies, regulations, and costs for zalo ads.

How to create ads on zalo ads has a lo system. It’s the user’s job to consider the budget, give real zalo ads that attract viewers and followers. Then you will get the expected results.

Where can I learn more about quality zalo ads?

Học hỏi thêm về zalo ads ở đâu
Học hỏi thêm về zalo ads ở đâu

Customers’ tastes are always changing, requiring users to always update trends, learn zalo ads. Adding more knowledge about zalo ads is really necessary.

Actual information system or customer care department of zalo. Also guided to run ads on zalo ads. But to go deep and learn the right focus, hit the right target customers. Then you need to add in-depth knowledge of the zalo ads platform.

Where is the consulting facility to support more information about zalo ads.

  • VIO ACADEMY is one of the specialized training and consulting institutions for online sales solutions. On the latest social platform today, especially Zalo ads.
  • A team of consultants, designers. Coming from the top training schools in the field of marketing. Always keep up to date with the most modern trends of social media advertising platforms, especially zalo ads.
  • VIO ACADEMY has partners who are leading enterprises in Vietnam. Through consulting and training from VIO ACADEMY, they have a large number of potential customers and loyal customers, bringing significant revenue to the business.


Above is a summary from A-Z about zalo ads. Answer to the question what is zalo ads? How to run zalo ads economically and effectively. Hope the article helps individuals and businesses get a large number of customers. High revenue but cost savings. Need to learn about zalo ads, don’t forget to contact VIO ACADEMY with the following information:


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