What is youtube seo? How to optimize youtube seo

Marketing is one of the activities that many businesses focus on today. There are many channels to help promote, attract, and introduce customers to your business’ products such as: facebook, google, zalo… one of them is youtube. With an unlimited number of customers and youtube is known as one of the channels to promote and introduce products that many people visit every day. So What is youtube seo? What is youtube seo? Let’s find out with VIO ACADEMY to find out right here.

What is Youtube SEO?

Youtube SEO is one of the new forms of marketing in recent years. If you have been acquainted and know about google seo is to put your article on the top 1 search for information, seo youtube is when you put your video on the top 1 of youtube search.

Or in other words, according to the professional definition of youtube seo, are the techniques to make your videos friendly to youtube’s search engine by optimizing the video to youtube’s search position.

Seo Youtube là gì?
Seo Youtube là gì?

SEO youtube What is it and what is it used for? The building of seo strategy on youtube to maximize the number of customers by:

  • The number of customers on youtube is usually very large, accounting for 55% according to customer statistics on search sites.
  • In addition, the trust level from youtube is highly rated and ranked by customers only after google.
  • Besides, your video on the top of youtube search will contribute to providing the most authentic images of your products and brand to customers.

Factors to rank youtube videos

There are actually quite a few videos posted on youtube and if you just notice there are videos posted that don’t have up to 1 view or 1 video like or channel subscription. There are many factors to rank youtube videos like.

Channel Reputation

A reputable youtube channel will be ranked high on youtube’s search order and the channel’s reputation is a prerequisite to attract customers and retain customers. The consideration of the channel’s reputation depends on:

  • Video update level: No customers will stay if your video output frequency is slow and sporadic. Keep updating the latest videos that will determine the credibility of the channel.
  • Channel description: Describing the channel in concise and complete sentences is a form of PR for businesses and their business products.
  • Choose channel keywords: Must keep up with current search trends
  • Channel title optimization is also a form of channel authority building.

Customer’s ability to convert channels and watch videos

The ranking order on youtube depends on the ability to convert the channel by the fact that you need to embed the video in the article. The content of the good video determines the viewing time of the customer. And the customer’s viewing time will determine the ranking order of the channel.

Viewer interaction

Viewer interaction is demonstrated through:

  • Video Likes, Likes and Dislikes
  • Number of comments, positive or negative comments
  • Number of people who subscribed to your video
  • Your video shares

Video content and quality

Youtube often appreciates videos with positive content, and those videos often rank high on search.

Besides the content is video quality through images, beautiful and sharp sound will also contribute to determining your video ranking order.

What is SEO on youtube? I’m sure you already know from the above sharing. Although it is just a concept, regardless of SEO, it is necessary to have a strategy.

What are the strategies for SEO youtube?

Seo youtube có những chiến lược nào
Seo youtube có những chiến lược nào

There are many strategies that are implemented by marketers and are highly effective. Here are the basic seo youtube strategies.

Seo youtube videos

Knowing youtube is knowing the best videos. Youtube video seo strategy is the simplest way to optimize videos for beginners. By attaching the corresponding keywords and users will search for those keywords.

Seo recommends youtube

It is also a strategy that is appreciated by the number of customers. When building a customer strategy to visit youtube, the videos that will be displayed above are recommended videos for viewers and often have similar content to the videos you have watched.

The videos are displayed on the suggested category of youtube, there are times when customers want to search for something but can’t remember the search keywords, this strategy helps attract visitors to increase significantly.

Seo Playlist Youtube

This form of seo is from the topic that visitors will have a playlist of videos to watch next for customers to choose from.

With this seo, the marketer will be the one to direct customers to follow the videos in sequence and requires a specific plan to implement and arrange to build content accordingly and attract people to stay and follow. .

SEO YouTube channel

What is seo youtube channel? In fact, that is the name of that youtube channel, it includes a series of videos included in the channel. Therefore, it requires technical people to be experienced and highly qualified, and especially the person or individual or organization under the name of the channel must have a certain level of prestige.

What is seo youtube? The advantage of channel seo will help you get the ranking order on the top search list and the fastest search time of youtube.

Overall youtube SEO

This is considered the strategy of all strategies. And to do that, the channel owner or marketer must have investment, plan and extensive knowledge. When you build a successful overall seo strategy then you will have a safe foothold on youtube.

What is seo score on youtube? Then let’s explore more.


Bước tiến hành khi chạy seo youtube
Bước tiến hành khi chạy seo youtube

Any SEO process on search pages must go through steps. Seo youtube is no exception and the steps to take are as follows:

Step 1: Build keywords

The research and building of keywords is an important issue in running SEO youtube. The keywords you research need to ensure:

  • Make a list of keyword ideas
  • Keyword being optimized
  • Keywords that are trending

Step 2: Build a video

In order for your videos to rank on YouTube’s search rankings, you need to build videos that attract and retain viewers.

If your channel is new, choose low-competition keywords and build positive, energetic video content… Good images, sound, clear layout, and video length medium.

Step 3: Video Optimization

To optimize the video, you need to pay special attention to the keywords in the title, the number of title characters, the words in the title are considered trends.

The second part is the video description by repeating, emphasizing keywords. The description helps viewers and youtube understand the context you want to implement in the video.

Step 4: Promote the video

This is considered an indispensable step when running seo youtube because if you are a new channel that no one knows about, promotion plays an important role in the strategy.

There are many ways to promote such as: embedding your videos on website posts, video links in email signatures, using playlists, seo recommendations, etc.

Some software to effectively support youtube seo

phần mềm hỗ trợ hiệu quả seo youtube
Phần mềm hỗ trợ hiệu quả seo youtube

What is youtube seo how much money? To answer that question depends on the software you choose to support youtube seo. Some suggestions below:

  • Ahrefs is known to be a familiar piece of software for seo because it allows you to track your website’s ranking and its keyword research feature will help you come up with ideas for your website. target keywords, competitive keywords…
  • Youtube Analytics allows you to optimize channel performance through metrics of views, watch duration, engagement…
  • Google trend is known as a tool that tells users how the interest of a topic on youtube is fluctuating, thereby helping you choose the right keywords.


What is youtube seo? Advantages and disadvantages from the article show that cyoutube seo strategy helps to optimize the number of customers. And promote brand, corporate products. Besides, there is also the disadvantage that it takes time. And the effort of the person in charge of developing the strategy. However to survive and develop. So any business needs to come up with the right marketing strategy. Hopefully the article helps you have more choices about seo strategy.