What is Google Ads? Run google ads most effectively

In the era of overwhelming information technology, plus electronic devices such as phones, computers, and televisions, users can easily look up all the information they want to know via google. This tool page helps to open up a rich source of customers for businesses. The form of advertising on google, also known as google ads, helps businesses reach a diverse source of customers. What is Google ads? Advertising What is google ads?< /strong> How to run google ads most effectively with VIO ACADAMY find out.

What is Google ads?

Google ads là gì?
Google ads là gì?

Google ads is a paid form of advertising by Google, businesses or individuals can create advertising campaigns with many different forms to find potential customers and earn profits for businesses.

Google Ads can be considered as a low-cost but highly effective advertising channel.

Types of Google Ads

Search Adwords

When customers search for information on google, the websites set up with ads will appear at the same time, so your websites will easily reach users.

This has helped businesses’ websites have many visits and high accessibility to customers. When advertising activities are effective, businesses or individuals will be able to increase sales.

Search Adwords included

Standard ad

Call-only ad

Dynamic ad

Mobile app promotion (Global advertising)

For example, when you want to find the keyword “how to make ice cream”, advertising websites will have the symbol “Ad/QC” next to the URL above. Websites that do not have advertising money will show up later.

The evaluation factors of google adword

Before deciding which ads to rank to the top, google considers aspects including:

  • Targeting: Ads will be displayed by google according to the geographic location you choose.
  • Search keywords: What keywords are you using to optimize and what terms are users searching for.
  • Relevance of advertising content: must have the relevance of keywords to advertise. This is related to content Marketing, need to write standard content on both official website and advertising media.
  • Landing page experience: Landing page with content related to what the user is looking for. Is the user searching or already knowing the content?
  • Conversion rate: Driven by experience, quality, and relevance.
  • Bid: Bid will be the deciding factor if 2 ads have the same perfect, professional landing page.
  • Quality Score: Depends on all the factors above.

Display Ads

Display Ads 
Display Ads

Display Ads are a form of video advertising. When you are watching a video or reading a post, you will see banner and flash ads appearing in different locations on the page.

Google Display Network content includes topics that are part of google’s affiliate network. Including: dynamic search ad, mobile app promotion, standard.

Based on factors such as interests, languages, keywords, and location, google will decide which ads to show even though users are not looking for ads displayed by google.

Criteria for choosing a website to place a display network include

  • Keywords: Ads will show based on optimized keywords. For example, if the keyword on google is advertised as “SEO training”, then websites with content about it will be displayed by google.
  • Ad position: The place where you want your ad to be displayed. For example, if you want to show food ads, find quality food websites and add them to your target list.
  • Remarketing – remarketing: Allows you to reconnect with customers who have visited your website. From there, you can target people who have visited your website but haven’t taken any action yet.
  • Theme: In Adwords websites will be categorized by separate topics. There are many related topics for advertisers to choose from for their business.

Shopping ads

Shopping Ads is a form of online advertising and shopping on Google. Users can easily see your information such as:

  • Name of service, product
  • Video, Gif
  • Price
  • Sales site address

This is a form of advertising that helps increase traffic and improve conversion rates. Shopping ads are more suitable for retail individuals than large businesses.

For example, when you search for the product “women’s handbags”, on the search results pages google will suggest these products in the ad position.

The ads will include information such as product names, product prices and links to those websites.

When running Google Shopping Ads, you need the following requirements

  • Set up and install Google Merchant Center: this is a platform for retailers to put products in an existing ad format.
  • Set up and install with Google Adwords and link them up.
  • Update service information every 30 days and send it to Google Merchant Center.
  • These 2 tools are linked together, so Shopping Ads gets all product details from Google Merchant Center, coincides with ad display network and related search queries. important for users.

Video ads

Video ads
Video ads

Video ads allow you to run ads on youtube platform and GDN ads.

For example, when you are watching a video on youtube, interrupted by another clip inserted. That clip is the video ads. The video ads will usually be short, about 5 – 20 seconds you can skip by clicking “Skip Ad”.

When running video ads will have the following benefits:

  • Better target audience: this ad type targets by keyword, demographic, interest, location, ad device to reach Get the right audience on GDNs and on youtube.
  • Great customer reach: As of January 2017, youtube has the 3rd most visited, with more than 30 million daily visitors. This is a pretty big number. on Google Display Network available video ads. That means more people will be able to reach your online ads.
  • Calcable, Measurable: You can see all metrics of view rate, reach, clicks, frequency, performance, similarity effect of that advertisement. This means you can measure the success and effectiveness of your video ads.

Create a global campaign

Creating this global campaign is useful for businesses that own mobile apps.

Advertising can be done on phone apps on Google Display Network, Youtube and Google Play, as well as on Google search engines.

Google Adwords uses ideas from various content and ad texts from your list of applications.

You need to prepare:

  • Ad content
  • Budget
  • Starting bid
  • Set up ad placement and language.

Through the optimization of the above factors, Google Adwords creates many ad formats by itself. Google will automatically test and combine different online ads and filter out the ads that work well together.

For example, your business builds a new app and wants to advertise to many people, you can put ads to introduce your business’s app on Youtube.

Chances are your app will be known a lot due to the huge number of users accessing it on Youtube every day. Of course, you have to optimize the points mentioned above.

When creating a global campaign, keep the following principles in mind:

  • Ad content must be attractive. Should create attractive online advertising content. Avoid making basic mistakes that shouldn’t be made.
  • Use content exclusions. Need to learn how to exclude specific websites or content that should be excluded from Google ad hosting.
  • Follow advertising policies. Comply with and carefully review Google’s advertising policies.

Run google ads with the most effective type

Each type of google ads brings certain effects to advertising campaigns.

Depending on the nature of the product that the business is doing business in, choose the appropriate form of running google ads.

Can use one or a combination of many forms of running google ads. This will depend on the budget of the business, what products and services the business wants to advertise, from which to choose the appropriate type.

Great benefits and efficiency that google ads bring

Lợi ích và hiệu quả to lớn mà google ads mang lại
Lợi ích và hiệu quả to lớn mà google ads mang lại

Google ads bring great benefits to businesses, specifically:

Access to potential customers

When a user searches for a product, service or information. Be related to the services of your business. Google ads allows your website to display in the most eye-catching position. Helping businesses reach potential customers, bringing certain benefits.

Increasing customer awareness of your brand

Reality shows that, if you do not convert potential customers, you will still increase customer awareness of your business’s brand.

Google Ads helps businesses show up when users search. Businesses and customers can interact with each other through ways such as watching videos, images or through referring to your business website.

Optimize and exploit the target customers well

The difference between google ads and other forms is the customer’s search intent. When you want to learn about a problem or a certain product or service. Users will search on google instead of on social networking sites. When the advertisements of businesses meet the needs of customers, they will attract users.

Help businesses control and allocate selling costs

In Google Ads you can control your advertising costs. Decide how much to spend on campaigns. You can increase your costs if you find the ads to be effective. Conversely, it is possible to reduce costs when the results are not as expected.

You can easily see the clicks on your ads. Through this, it is possible to easily adjust the cost of high-traffic ads. To increase the efficiency of attracting customers.

How is the cost to run google ads?

Chi phí để chạy quảng cáo google ads
Chi phí để chạy quảng cáo google ads

The cost to run ads google ads is calculated in 3 forms:

  • Calculated by clicks: you need to select the keywords with the ad template you want to display. Advertising money will be charged when the customer clicks on the ad. In Vietnam, the cost for 1 click is as low as 65 vnd.
  • Billed by impressions. In Vietnam, the lowest cost is about 4000 vnd/ 1000 impressions.
  • Cash on conversion. When customers visit your website to perform any action such as placing an order. Then google will charge the business.

Where to learn how to run google ads?

Running google ads is a pretty popular field. In today’s digital age. So where to learn how to run google ads?

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Above are the basic knowledge about running what is google ads? What is running google ads? Hope it will help you in your studies and work.

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