What is Content Pillar? How to create effective Content Pillar

In marketing, there are many terms that many marketers and users pay special attention to. For highly effective marketing campaigns, people often use Content Pillar to increase the awareness of products and services. What is Content Pillar? How to create effective Content Pillar? Have you heard of the term Pillar Page? Let’s find out with VIO Agency.

What is a Content Pillar?

Known as an overview page, the content pillar includes all the content of the website/social media you plan to implement. In other words, Content Pillar is considered the backbone of the main topic developed directly from the big idea.

When you look at the Pillar board, you’ll see the overarching pillar themes surrounding content strategy. From that framework you can develop many more ideas with sub-themes in a uniform way.

Content Pillar là gì?
Content Pillar là gì?

An implementation based on the website’s Content Pillar will help you have an overall consistency of the website and from there will have the depth of content and expertise and that is the basis for users to trust to use. as well as google will be highly appreciated.

Terms related to content pillar

When it comes to Content Pillar, people will refer to related terms including: Topic cluster and Subtopic.

  • Subtopic means sub-topics or topics that are deployed after the main topic framework has been built.
  • Topic Cluster also means a topic cluster that aims to make up Content Pillars and whereby the cluster consists of subtopic groups containing specific and in-depth content. Often Clusters tend to be carefully selected, and the broader they are, the more likely they will be to deploy and support a strong and deep Content Pillar. The pillar and cluster content model can chain all the semantic content on the website, since then google will scan out the information that searchers need to find.

To create a content pillar ideas need to follow the following standards:

  • Content Pillar topics are large in size, highly general
  • In-depth, multi-faceted, highly specialized content
  • The main difficult words in Content Pillar have high and stable search volume, avoid choosing unstable keywords.
  • Paths should be closely related and they should be related to each other pointing towards Content Pillar.
  • This article is not duplicated or copied.

How to create effective Content Pillar

Cách tạo Content Pillar hiệu quả
Cách tạo Content Pillar hiệu quả

To create a social media content pillar template usually go through the following steps.

Step 1: Find the main topic

The main theme is considered as the core stepping stone. Needs to be done in the process of creating a complete Content Pillar. The main topic is also known as the big idea. Accordingly, the main theme needs to contain value that can support multi-faceted products and services you want to target.

In the process of building a theme, you need to pay special attention to the width or narrowness of the topic to easily implement good ideas and develop a website at a later stage. The main topic needs to be carefully selected with a width to create about 20-30 articles that develop the idea.

Step 2: Create Topic cluster, subtopic

At the next stage in the Content Pillar building process, you need to create topics that are more or less related to the main topic to implement them.

To do that you can do it by adopting your own software or learning directly from competitors.

A typical example for you to build content clusters for a Pillar Page is as follows:

  • Get the searched head Keyword into google incognito tab then select the top 1 competitor for analysis.
  • Search with the syntax “ site: domaintop1.com+ head keyword”
  • Analyze, take related articles from the top down to form Topic Cluster.
Cách tạo Content Pillar
Cách tạo Content Pillar

Step 3: Build Pillar Page

To build Pillar Page. And optimize the content on the website. You need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Table of Contents and Anchor Text Links should be placed at the beginning of the article
  • Optimize for H1, H2, H3…
  • Links between pages on the same topic are provided to the reader. Cite sources if available to verify information
  • Illustrated visually through Unique. It will help readers feel the content of the article more easily.
  • Increase conversions by adding a form that users can easily contact.
  • The core theme should be placed in the main locations on the page including the page title, URL, H1 tag and Body.

Step 4: Write Content Pillar

The requirement of this section is that the article should cover the entire topic content. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in images. Length of posts compared to cluster posts. The way to build the layout needs to be coherent and clear. Make it easy for readers to follow and find the items they are looking for.

Then you need to drill down into each subtopic. Focus on answering the reader’s questions. If possible, internal link to other related articles on your website. Some notes when writing content at this step:

  • Content Piller Page needs to satisfy intent and cover all content
  • Pillar Page does not go into detail on each issue. Which will only stop opening referral levels through each directory.

Step 5: Promote the finished product Content Pillar

After completing the article. You can share and post to many audiences through the following forms:

  • Share on Social channels
  • Create an ad
  • Send Email
  • Introduced in related articles
  • Seeding on groups

Step 6: Update and edit if necessary

Regularly monitor, audit content. And refresh your article in the best way. However, it is not off topic. The update will make your users have a great experience on your website. No one can be sure. Created a perfect website without tweaking and updating.


Bring a new experience to customers, increase conversion rates. Google search is one of the goals that any marketer wants to achieve. It’s not too difficult to build a perfect content pillar. Hopefully the sharing from VIO ACADEMY will help you have an overview and importance. of Content Pillar in marketing campaigns.