What is content marketing? Where to learn content marketing?

What is content marketing? This is certainly the question of many people when they first come into contact with any business field or promote information and images of a certain product. So to fully understand this definition, please refer to the article below!

1.What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing là gì?
Content marketing là gì?

Content marketing consists of 2 parts, Content and Marketing. We will go through each part in turn to understand in more detail.

Content means content. Content here includes many different forms such as:

+ Text form – needs to be written down

+ Visual form – needs to be designed

+ Video format – requires a script, must be filmed, cut, processed, voiced, etc.

Marketing is marketing, including ways and activities to promote content to viewers, helping businesses connect with target customers.

So the definition of Content marketing is content marketing, it includes the processes from producing content to meet the needs of the target audience (target audience), to marketing that content to customers. with Target audiences.

Many people wonder what is content marketing writing, what are the requirements, it is basically information that is shared with readers in the form of news and knowledge to provide practical information, thereby creating a brand. corporate brand.

Through the above sharing, perhaps everyone has somewhat understood what Content in marketing is, right? So specifically this work includes what we follow in the section below.

2. The job of a content marketer

Công việc của người làm Content marketing
Công việc của người làm Content marketing

First to know what content marketing is, we will find out what Content marketing staff are – They are the people who create articles, products with creative content to be able to conduct activities. Marketing action to viewers, customers….

So what exactly is content marketing? It includes the following jobs:

+ Building, creating, managing content on Fanpage, website – requires innovation, regularly updating news, keeping up with trends. So what are the content marketing trends? That is the direction to a clear specific audience, catching up with the volatile situation of the market.

+ Coordinate with Marketing department to plan detailed content for the business’s Fanpage.

+ Expand communication channels that businesses have not yet exploited.

+ Manage content, write PR articles for businesses on the Website.

+ Find out the content that customers are interested in, provide useful knowledge information to customers – requires high accuracy…

To do the above, an important factor that a content marketing person must know is to have a good understanding of the products and services of the business so that they can deploy relevant, effective content. attract the attention of target customers.

With the detailed sharing above, we have somewhat understood what content marketing is, right?

3. Benefits that content marketing brings

Lợi ích mà content marketing mang lại
Lợi ích mà content marketing mang lại

Because of the great value brought to businesses, regardless of business model, businesses are always interested in investing in content marketing with benefits that can be mentioned including:

Creating an image, increasing brand recognition for businesses:

+ A strong brand in addition to being built by the quality of products and services, the direction of marketing strategy is also very important. In building a marketing strategy, a suitable content marketing plan is indispensable.

+ Content Marketing will do the task of conveying the information the business wants to form in the minds of customers, the difference of the business from other competitors in the market.

Improve sales

In order to sell products, you must show customers the outstanding and different points, which greatly depends on the content of the PR post. Content Marketing will help the content be conveyed well, make the product impress in the hearts of readers and viewers, increase the connection between the brand and customers.

Customers see the professionalism of the business

Investing in Content Marketing is also a way to increase the professionalism of your business. When businesses take time to study customer behavior, preferences and problems, the content will be more relevant and will create trust in customers. So that when customers have a need for a certain product or service, they will come to the business as one of the top choices.

Help businesses have more opportunities to connect with customers

Content marketing plays an important role in connecting businesses with customers. Every Marketing campaign needs to promote research, create a premise for effective Content, create customer trust with businesses by providing practical useful information.

Successful marketing is when connecting customers with the brand thanks to the value of the content that the business brings.

Minimize advertising costs

Previously, forms of PR and advertising often conveyed content through leaflets, newspapers, television, etc. However, marketing content is now spread through websites, transforming according to the change of times. algebra.

Customers have a lot of options for information channels to receive, so the quality of content must be really attractive to attract customers.

When the content marketing strategy is good, it will significantly save costs for advertising thanks to the natural spread from the content value itself.

 4. Common types of Content Marketing.

Common types of content marketing include:

  •   Blogs
  •   Ebook
  •   Videos
  •   Infographic
  •   Email marketing
  •   Social Media


Blogs or weblogs are a form of diary on the website about one or a few fields, expressed from the personal point of view of the writer. A blog with quality content is always the first choice in every marketing campaign.

Blogs help readers answer questions about the problem they are researching. Therefore, the content of the article needs to be carefully researched, the information must be accurate. Blog posts are a leading content strategy in content marketing blogs.


Ebooks are the type of electronic books that contain a large amount of shared information about many aspects of an issue. Ebooks are often published in PDF format.

To attract readers, the content of Ebook is really attractive. Then readers are interested in the ebook content you provide and leave an email on your registration page to receive the latest content updates of the work you are following.

Ebooks offer many benefits including:

  •     Minimize printing, packaging and shipping costs
  •     Create credibility, professionalism


In today’s content types, video content is considered the most effective type of content marketing because it helps:

  • Increase conversion rate:

According to Hubspot, a landing page that includes a video can increase conversions by up to 80%.

  •    Increase email open rate:

When an email is sent with a video file attached, the click-through rate also increases on average from 200% to 300

Web pages that include videos will increase impressions 53 times on Google

Some forms of video content:

  •       Product introduction video:  Introduction to product features and characteristics.
  •         Business introduction video : Share about the people and members that contribute to the organization and business
  •   TV commercial video
  •   Video Apps
  •   Video tutorial
  •   Video review
  •   Animation Videos
  •   Video Testimonial


Content infographic includes images with information in the form of charts, Infographic icons, data, .. All arranged on one picture, making it easy for customers to observe, understand the content and information.

However, this form of content marketing online is not used by many businesses.


Email marketing is a form of marketing that cannot be ignored, it helps businesses reach customers selectively. Businesses will choose the most potential customers to send emails.

Email marketing is a perfect way for businesses, offering a lot of advantages compared to other forms of marketing.

  •   Save on advertising costs.
  •     Actively convey product messages to customers.
  •           Reaching a large and potential customer base.
  •       Can calculate and measure accurately.

Email marketing can help you nurture leads and turn them into loyal customers.

Social media

Because on the social network environment, an article or watching a certain video wants to attract the attention of viewers, the content must be really attractive. Social media is one of the best content distribution channels, allowing content to be transmitted through social networking platforms.

Content on social includes many forms such as videos, images, articles, etc. On the social network space, users will approach and interact directly with the post easily. Therefore, making statistics for measurement is also done quite easily and accurately.

5. The process to write engaging content marketing articles

To produce a standard SEO content marketing article, you need to have basic knowledge of writing content marketing. Learning to write content marketing is not difficult, as long as you properly and fully apply the following process:

The process to write content includes 7 steps:

–      Ideation: a good content marketing article is an article with creative ideas, catching up with trends, issues that society is interested in.

–        Choose a suitable, attractive title: help attract the reader’s attention at first sight.

–          Outline the content of the article: for the writer to stick to the content, not to go off topic or rambling.

–  Research: Research the top articles to get more ideas for your own articles

–     Review the manuscript.

–        Read and edit articles.

–      Final product.

Good marketing content will attract the attention of readers and viewers. Even make them read it over and over again, and become a trend for a period of time.

Content Marketing is a really important area. Contributing significantly to the development of the business. Therefore, any business needs a professional content marketing plan. To reach the target customers in the easiest way.

6. Where to learn content marketing?

It can be said that content marketing is currently a very HOT profession. Create more job opportunities. So where to learn content marketing?

VIO – VIO Academy CO., LTD is a company specializing in training content marketing knowledge.

Here you will learn content marketing in the most methodical way. Practice directly with the company’s partners.

Conclusion: I hope this article helped clarify the concept of content marketing. Understand what content marketing is. In order to make the right choices about the direction and career in the future.