Learn What is SEO Marketing? And how to succeed with SEO Marketing

In the past few years, when marketing activities are of special importance to the development and promotion of businesses. Especially in the 4.0 era, consumers are sensitive, and the market is fiercely competitive. SEO Marketing activities are gradually becoming popular and important for any organization or business. If you personally or your business owns a website you want to increase the display rate for searchers, increase the conversion rate, then SEO Marketing is a real suggestion. So what is SEO Marketing? How to succeed with SEO Marketing, let’s find out with VIO ACADEMY.

1. What is SEO Marketing?

SEO stands for the English phrase Search Engine Optimization which means search engine optimization. SEO is the process of increasing the quality and traffic of a website by increasing the visibility of the website for users on search applications such as google, bing, etc.

SEO Marketing is similar to online marketing by using online channels to bring your products to customers such as gmail, youtube, facebook, google…

SEO is considered a tool to help businesses and individuals improve the search results of the web at no cost, excluding direct access and buying display advertising.

 SEO Marketing là gì?
SEO Marketing là gì?

SEO Marketing is considered an internet strategy of businesses. SEO looks at how it works, controls search engine behavior, what users search for, keywords and terms entered into search engines. In addition, SEO is also used to improve website rankings on search engine results pages, so that traffic and customers are converted.

What is SEO in marketing? What is online SEO marketing?

You need to consider the following types of SEO:

  • Website SEO, also known as keyword seo, is considered the most popular form. Most businesses and individuals owning the web want their keywords to have the highest rankings on google search results.
  • Photo SEO is a form of SEO that uses techniques to bring the image of a business website to the top of google search when an audience searches for that keyword and selects the display image tab. .
  • SEO Clip is considered a form of SEO for videos, clips available on the web or using youtube, facebook to put your website on the video tab.
  • SEO google map makes it easy for searchers to find your place on google Map.
  • SEO App Mobile is a form of bringing Apps to appear on the search page that google displays to make it easy for users to choose.

2. How important is SEO Marketing?

Between the fact that a business product you are trading has many competitors, the market is constantly changing. Without SEO your business website has less chance of reaching customers because your website has no chance to be found.

According to research published by Bright Edge on Search Engine, 51% of visitors to a website get through organic search sources driven by SEO, with paid PPC search accounting for only 10. % and social media accounts for only 5%.

SEO Marketing quan trọng như thế nào
SEO  quan trọng như thế nào

The main source of revenue of the business comes from web SEO activities, also according to research, the revenue generated from SEO is not less than 40% / total revenue.

From the above research, it shows that SEO Marketing has an important role for any business organization. The fact that you have a good SEO program is that you have dominated the market share by getting a number of customers, your next step just needs to determine what is the SEO strategy in online marketing? to retain new customers, attract potential customers and retain loyal customers.

3. The values ​​that SEO Marketing brings in Digital Marketing

3.1 Leverage Free Traffic

The amount of revenue that comes from SEO is huge, but it comes from a free source of organic traffic. Up to 51% of customers access websites of all professions from free search results. Google is still the number one website search today. If you ignore the source of free traffic, you are ignoring the large customer base of your own business.

3.2 Building trust and brand

The customer’s google search results are considered a reputable result. The general mentality of customers is that they will not buy things that they feel they do not trust. The order in the search results on google will determine the level of trust your business wants to build.

3.3 Increase the experience for customers to learn and stay on the website

The rate and length of time customers stay with the website will determine the overall SEO ranking on search order. Therefore, optimizing the web so that it is easy to understand, easy to find, attractive content and easy for users to access the page is a plus point of SEO Marketing.

SEO Marketing

3.4 Brand building, long-term development strategy

An important factor in SEO marketing is that you build a brand in the hearts of customers. Customers are the most effective PR people for your business products. When you have built a brand, the number of visitors will increase and the order of display, the time to produce SEO search results of your business will become fast. Investing in building SEO web is a long-term development strategy that should be in any business.

3.5 What is SEO and SEM Marketing?

From the above information, you must have understood somewhat about SEO Marketing, so what is SEM Marketing? How is it different?

With SEM being an abbreviation of Search Engine Marketing, it is also the process of accessing products through tools such as google, bing, coc coc… SEO is a part of SEM. When SEO does well with a lot of visitors, your website goes to the top of search, and if SEO does not do well, SEM needs to support by running google adwords ads with the purpose of bringing search keywords to the top of the page.

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of SEO Marketing?

There are many advantages to mention in SEO Marketing such as:

  • Cost saving: Instead of spending a fixed fee for advertising and product transmission, why don’t your business choose the free form of search traffic? search but bring high effective value.
  • Building a brand and reputation for businesses. Professional SEO, the number of customers is also crowded, increasing the top search and building the business’s brand in the market as well as bringing prestige to the business thanks to the customer’s experience of a well-organized website. easy to search, easy to manipulate.
  • Help businesses analyze, find and retain customers. Customers are the decisive factor for the survival of the business. The correct analysis of customer psychology and customer tastes will help businesses come up with the right production and business strategy.

Disadvantages of SEO Marketing:

  • It takes a lot of time to invest: It is a limitation of SEO marketing because the promotion of your business’s website is long-term, so it is important to let your articles and your website appear. Showing the top of the search will take a long time.
  • Competitors easily and SEO rankings change constantly, requiring businesses to anticipate and take timely action.

5. Some commonly used tools in SEO Marketing

Công cụ SEO
Công cụ SEO

There are many tools commonly used in SEO Marketing, one of which must be mentioned.

5.1 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is considered as a free tool of google that helps businesses make statistics and analyze factors such as: Gender, geography, language, search history and time of customers accessing your website.

5.2 Tool Moz

Tool Moz is considered a popular All in One SEO tool that allows you to monitor your website parameters. Moz allows to check parameters such as:

  • Inbound links with the fastest backlink update, showing the DA and PA of the website.
  • Links Domains
  • Mozbar: Allows customers to quickly update Moz features with just one click.
  • SERP Overlay: Shows SEO metrics on search results.

5.3 Ahrefs

Ahrefs is considered one of the most used SEO tools in SEO analysis. If you want to do competitor analysis, use Ahrefs to identify your competitors’ backlinks as a starting tool for your competitive campaign and find the most links in your niche.

5.4 Keywordtool.io

Keywordtool.io makes it easy and fast to generate keywords from related ideas.

With the number of suggested keywords up to 750 words, fast search time, no limit on search character length, high competition. Keywordtool.io is considered an effective tool for SEO Marketing.

6. How to exploit SEO website effectively

From the above analysis, it shows that SEO Marketing is a necessary job, bringing many advantages to businesses. But how to exploit SEO Marketing effectively or what SEO Marketing people do? Then here are some tips:

  • Provide a long-term business strategy. An integral part of your business strategy. That is setting up a standard website seo strategy. An SEO Marketing program is focused and based on capital and human resources. The business’s competitors that set the goals. In order to achieve the plan and strategy set by the business.
  • Provide content value, experience value for customers. Exploiting effective SEO Marketing is indispensable without building a website. With rich and diverse content, easy-to-use, easy-to-use interface, good and profound content. It is because of these factors that contribute to customer retention. Increase traffic, increase top display.
  • Combined with other Marketing tools. SEO Marketing alone is not enough because visibility can increase or decrease, fluctuate. To minimize the risk of dependency. Then the combination of SEO Marketing and other tools such as direct advertising. Forums and groups are also about creating trust, attracting and retaining customers. Which businesses should do.

7. Learn about website SEO at VIO ACADEMY

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chương trình đào tạo SEO
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What is website SEO? What is SEO digital marketing? You can probably imagine it. As technology develops, it requires each individual and each organization. Change is needed to adapt and integrate with the times. If you haven’t caught up with the trend yet. Need to learn and improve skills in SEO Marketing. Then rest assured, let VIO ACADEMY support.

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