What is Digital Marketing? What is Digital Marketing?

The 4.0 era creates many opportunities for individuals and businesses, besides the challenges of learning and improving to catch up with the trend that every individual and every business needs to do. The entry of technology into all areas of life has had significant impacts. One of those impacts must be the living and consumption habits and that is also the cause of promoting Digital Marketing? So What is Digital Marketing? What is Digital Marketing? Let’s find out with VIO ACADEMY right here.

What is Digital Marketing?

There is a lot of information that defines the concept of Digital Marketing such as:

According to Philips Kotler, a professor at Northwestern University in the United States and a leading expert of Kotler Marketing Group in the field of strategic marketing planning:

“Digital marketing or electronic marketing is the process of planning the product, price, distribution, and promotion of products, services, and ideas to meet the needs of organizations and individuals based on media. electronics and the internet”.

Digital Marketing là gì?
Digital Marketing là gì?

According to Joel Reedy, “Digital Marketing includes all activities to satisfy the needs and wants of customers through the internet and electronic means”.

So in a nutshell What is Digital Marketing? We can understand these are activities that help promote brands and products that directly affect customers’ perception, stimulate them to perform. buying and selling behaviours. Or more simply Digital Marketing is marketing activities using digital media available on the internet.

What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital Marketing strategy is one of the activities that help you achieve your business goals through carefully selected online marketing channels to convey and introduce your products to customers.

In any business, building a digital marketing strategy plays an extremely important role. The correct construction of the strategy will determine the success or failure and the extent to which the strategy can reach the target customers.

Chiến lược Digital marketing là gì?
Chiến lược Digital marketing là gì?

Steps to build an effective digital marketing strategy:

  • Analysis of businesses and customers is about understanding the market, industry and customer needs.
  • Determining the goals of the Digital Marketing strategy, goals that are specific, measurable, and feasible.
  • Determine what Digital Marketing tools you need: Website, Facebook, Email… what you need to implement and how it works.
  • Check and plan for available media
  • Communication campaign planning and testing
  • Strategy test and evaluation

What does Digital Marketing strategy include?

Usually Digital Marketing is divided into 2 strategies, pull strategy and push strategy, these two strategies can complement each other:

  • Push strategy in Digital Marketing is through interactive forms such as banner ads on websites, sending a series of SMS or email messages… to target customers to introduce introduce products, find interested people to sell.
  • Pull strategy is a fundamental and long-term way to reach customers by letting customers actively find you through search activities on websites, blogs…

What is the job of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing jobs often do things like:

  • Build and implement SEO and PPC strategies: SEO is the process of optimizing a website to rank higher on search engines for the target keyword. PPC or pay-per-click advertising is the ad you often see at the top of the page or learn from the search results page of google, Bing..
  • Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization refers to the elements visible to viewers on your web. Includes technical and content selection and is not limited to titles, alt text and meta descriptions, URL structure, loading speed, infographics, page copy, product reviews. product…
  • Monthly report on the effectiveness of SEO techniques applied to the company website.
  • Design and implement information systematization and interface of the company’s website.
  • Finding customers via the internet, implementing marketing plans and promoting products over the internet such as putting products through commercial transaction pages, specialized websites, forums Forum related to industry, search site.
  • Manage marketing channels, social media
  • Analyze and evaluate the performance of Digital marketing reports
  • Recommend, design and implement programs to improve the performance of email marketing channels and campaigns to get customer feedback.
  • Collaborate with sales to develop and execute email marketing campaigns to a database of potential and existing customers.
  • Compile performance data analytics and metrics
  • Assist in competitor analysis and evaluation.

Digital Marketing mainly works in which channels?

There are many active channels of Digital Marketing, through the following channels, you will better understand the industry What is Digital Marketing? The main channels are as follows.

Digital Marketing hoạt động chủ yếu ở các kênh nào?
Digital Marketing hoạt động chủ yếu ở các kênh nào?


Website is a very important and popular phrase that almost everyone knows. Website is also known as website. This is the place to gather all information that manufacturers and businesses want to convey and promote to internet users.

A website is an HTML file accessible using the HTTP protocol. But users only see content in the form of images, text … but not HTML code snippets.

Website is considered as the main channel of Digital Marketing. Website is considered the official information channel of all business organizations, this place is not only a place to introduce organizations and businesses, but also a place to advertise products, market products, and sell products.

Email Marketing

Operation on email platform is also one of the important channels of Digital marketing because this is aimed at customers who regularly use email. Implementing email campaigns is usually easy and low cost.

Email marketing helps you implement many different strategies depending on the customer file. It also becomes easier to measure campaign results through metrics on:

  • Total number of successfully sent emails
  • Total number of emails opened, how many times opened, how long each view
  • Total number of replays of received email content.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a term for websites that offer different activities. For example: Share messages, update photos, mark participating events as well as a variety of other social features such as: Discuss, comment, vote, like, share….

Social Media Marketing includes marketing programs. With the efforts of the leader in running the Digital marketing executive team. To create content that attracts and encourages readers to share on social networks.

So what is a digital marketing executive? It is the person who directly manages the Marketing staff. And they are in charge of controlling and managing relationships. Between products and services with its customers and partners. They are the ones who come up with content ideas and build, develop and provide insights and materials to help other departments generate ideas.

Going back to Social Media Marketing, there are some popular forms of social networks today such as:

  • Facebook: is the network that dominates the strongest channel market
  • Tik Tok: Ranked #2 Today
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Zalo
  • Pinterest

Advantages of Digital Marketing. Business benefits from Digital Marketing

Ưu điểm của Digital Marketing
Ưu điểm của Digital Marketing

What are the advantages of Digital Marketing?

  • Cost saving: Compared to traditional marketing activities. Then digital marketing saves more costs, does not spend much time and planning for product promotion.
  • Standard and correct client file partitioning. The standard customer segmentation will target tastes and consumption. From there, come up with the right marketing strategy.
  • Effective measurement: Based on metrics, visits that can accurately evaluate strategy.
  • Flexibility on trend: Social media is always on trend. Therefore, digital marketing always changes flexibly according to the market easily.

Business benefits from Digital Marketing

From the above advantages of Digital Marketing when applied to businesses. It will bring a lot of benefits, first of all, as follows:

  • Save a lot of costs compared to having to rent space and maintain. Compared with previous traditional methods of advertising in the form of images by banners, media, television…
  • Reach out to potential customers quickly. Identifying the customer file will bring your products to customers quickly. Bringing high revenue thanks to good reviews and sharing from old customers.
  • Brand promotion quickly. Based on the digital marketing platform of your business, your brand is known by many customers without taking too much time.

From the above analysis, it clearly shows the importance of digital marketing as well as digital marketing online. So what is the digital marketing tool? Learn what digital marketing is? Or how to learn about digital marketing let’s find out.

Where to learn Digital marketing quickly, effectively, with quality?

Learning Digital Marketing is a really necessary job for all of us. Especially in the current 4.0 technology era. Understanding and knowing about Digital Marketing helps each individual have many opportunities. Chosen in the profession. What if you have your own business plan. It is also the foundation for building a business’s marketing strategy. Besides, in enterprises, it is important to improve skills and professional qualifications for employees. Especially in the position of Digital Marketing is also a necessary job to help develop the business.

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Above is a summary of information about Digital Marketing? What is Digital Marketing doing? Through the article, I hope that you can easily visualize and have more useful knowledge. Especially in the field of modern technology today. And to learn more about the Digital marketing course as well as consult more information about the course at VIO ACADEMY, don’t forget to contact:


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