What are Facebook ads? Things to know about facebook ads

Marketing on Facebook is currently one of the best trends to promote images today. Facebook ads are a tool to implement marketing strategies. So what is facebook ads? Things to know about facebook ads? Let’s find out with VIO ACADAMY.

What is Facebook ads?

To understand this definition we will analyze each part in turn: What are Facebook and ads in facebook

Facebook:  is an American social networking platform founded in 2004.

–  People all over the world can connect with each other through Facebook. As long as you have an Internet connection, anyone can chat and interact with each other anywhere.

–  You can search for friends by phone number, email address, username or when you have mutual friends.

– People can sell items on Facebook through message boards or set up fan pages, groups.

– There are many games for users to participate in entertainment….

Facebook ads là gì?
Facebook ads là gì?

When users use facebook, they will have to provide information about gender, age, interests…. Thanks to that, Facebook understands its customers very well.

ADS: is an abbreviation of the term Advertising, it means advertising. Based on the criteria of the user’s behavior, interests, gender, and geographical location to advertise to the right audience. In short Facebook ads means: a form of advertising on the facebook platform.

Besides, we will learn some related concepts like what is facebook ads team ? staff what is facebook ads?

Facebook ads staff are responsible for planning and running ads on facebook. They will coordinate with Marketing specialists to come up with appropriate advertising campaigns.

Facebook ads team is a part of Marketing department. This team will be responsible for planning, running ads, giving specific campaigns. Each person will have a different job such as: writing content, designing images, running ads…

What is running facebook ads? And how does it work?

What is running facebook ads?

  • You have to pay to be displayed on the facebook ecosystem. There are a total of 18 locations divided into: feed, news, search, messages, apps, websites, instant articles, in-stream videos….
  • The essence of Facebook ads that charge per impression to customers. That means every time your promotional content including advertising content, videos or images is displayed to customers, you will have to pay a fee.
  • Through this advertisement you can display product promotions and offers to potential customers .

How it works

Chạy quảng cáo facebook ads
Chạy quảng cáo facebook ads

Through location, age, gender, interests, Facebook ads will target the right audiences, thanks to selections in the ad settings. .

You can set a budget for each time a customer clicks on the post or the number of impressions to the target customer.

Facebook ads  most importantly, you must define the advertising objective  – target. You will have to fill in information such as age, gender, interests, location. Thanks to this information facebook will find potential customers and bring your advertising information to customers.

Some commonly used terms in facebook ads

In Facebook ads there are a lot of terms, if you are a beginner you may find it very difficult to understand. VIO ACADAMY will help you clarify those terms.


In Facebook Ads, Reach is understood as reach, admins will know how many customers their articles have reached, through which sources.< /span>

Click on the parameter below each post to see its performance.


Budget means the budget for the ad campaign. Once your post starts getting engaged, the budget will charge and you can stop the promotion at any time.

There are 2 types of Budget :

  • Daily Bdget: is the one-day ad budget.
  • Lifetime Budget is the budget that runs ads for a certain period of time

To make your ads effective, you can choose the appropriate advertising budget.

Một số thuật ngữ thường dùng trong facebook ads
Một số thuật ngữ thường dùng trong facebook ads


Spent means biting money. Once your ad is approved, facebook will start biting money. There are a few cases where facebook does not bite your money:

  • Probably because facebook bit money slowly.
  • Because your post violates some facebook policy.

If you don’t know the cause, you can contact facebook directly.

Running fast

The advertiser will use an international payment bank account to start running ads. Facebook will deduct money from that account. When payment is due, if there is not enough money, facebook will lock that account. At that time, even though no money was deducted, the person running the burst ad still achieved the goal of running the ad.

CPM – Cost Per 1000 Impression

This means the price of 1000 impressions. The price of CPM depends on the competitiveness of the product.

CPC – Cost Per Click

CPC means the amount you pay each time a customer clicks on the link. With links outside of facebook this form of advertising is an optimal choice.


Campaign is the start and end date of the ad campaign. Advertising campaign means going to Camp. There are multiple ad sets in each camp. Ads set helps you choose daily or lifetime budget to run ads. Ads are advertising templates.

PPE – Page Post Engagement

PPE is a way to run ads to increase engagement for articles. Facebook will run ads to reach people who often interact with posts through liking, sharing, commenting.

CTR – Click Through Rate

What is the CTR in facebook ads? CTR is the Click-through rate of your ad. To calculate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign CTR is calculated as follows:

(Clicks / Ad Impressions) * 100%

Ad campaign success is measured by CTR rate.

Facebook Business

Facebook Business is understood as a business manager, allowing advertisers to share access to their partners, agencies, and teams .

You can manage access rights, user rights for people working on ad accounts.

Benefits of facebook ads

Lợi ích mà facebook ads mang lại
Lợi ích mà facebook ads mang lại

Facebook ads bring a lot of benefits to organizations and businesses

Target the right potential customers

Facebook ads help you target potential audiences, through analyzing customer needs. This helps you to select customers, saving advertising costs.

Rapidly viral

Your ad can show up in the newsfeeds of users’ friends when they like, comment on your ad or post. From there, it will attract and draw their attention to the business’s facebook page.

High efficiency, low cost, flexible

If the form of advertising on TV in the golden hours, businesses have to spend hundreds of millions for a few minutes of advertising. Then facebook ads costs quite low. With only a few million VND per month facebook can help you reach millions of potential customers.

There are 2 ways to charge:

  • CPC (cost per click): charged when an ad is clicked.
  • CPM (cost per impression): cost per ad impression.

Can interact, connect with customers

<3 >

Highly flexible

You can adjust your ad campaigns easily. The cost, form of display, and audience can be adjusted to suit each advertising strategy. Can run many forms of advertising at the same time.

Ad time can be dynamically adjusted.

Allows you to link from facebook to your business website through affiliate links to increase conversion rates.

So what is the conversion rate facebook ads? or in other words what is converting facebook ads? That’s the formula to compare website visitors and shoppers:

Formula: conversion rate = Goals achieved/visitors * 100%

Reasonable ad allocation

Your ad will be evenly distributed to different audiences, not too much or too little to the audience.

Some common types of Facebook ads

  • Facebook lead ads

What are Facebook lead ads? This is a form of advertising to collect information, survey customers. Users only need to click on Call-To-Action, a form will appear to fill in information without having to leave another page.

Một số loại hình quảng cáo Facebook ads phổ biến
Một số loại hình quảng cáo Facebook ads phổ biến
  • Carousel Ads: 

This is a form of carousel advertising, which helps you introduce many products and services at the same time

Carousel ad requirements:

  • Sharpness 600*600
  • Number of characters: about 90
  • Title number of characters: 25
  • Product Description: 30 characters
  • Boosted Page Posts

This tool will help increase the reach of the page to the target audience.

  • Dynamic Product Ads

Helps suggest and suggest products that customers are interested in on their newsfeed.

  • Feature Videos

Use dynamic video series to capture customers’ attention and increase product awareness.

most popular Facebook ads

  • Abandoned Cart Ads

<3 >

  • Event Responsive

This is a form of event advertising, through events and programs to advertise products.

  • Domain Ads

This is an ad that links links to the business’s website or fanpage.

  • Multi Products

This tool makes it possible for us to post up to 5 products, to create a series of related products to help customers reach many products as well as increase visibility sales.

  • Advertise Page Likes

Used when sellers want to increase customer interaction and recognition.

  • Promote a Page Post Engagement Post

This is a form of advertising to increase customer interaction through like, comment, share.

  • Offer Claim

This type is for collecting customer information and increasing the number of followers for the business’s fanpage.

Support tools

Facebook ads break 

For those who are starting to learn Facebook ads will surely wonder what is facebook ads break? This is a short ad type inserted. beginning or middle of a video or ad with images.

Depending on the conditions of facebook, your video content, the videos will be inserted in the appropriate positions.

Facebook ads manager

Facebook ads manager
Facebook ads manager

Facebook ads manager is a tool to help you create ads and manage them. In this form of advertising you can view the content, results and can change the advertising campaigns. So you already understand what facebook ads manager is.

Thruplay facebook ads

To increase video views advertisers must optimize and bill for promotional videos

There are 2 forms: Videos under 15 seconds and videos over 15 seconds. Thruplay is counted as one time when the user finishes watching the video content.

The above are basic knowledge to explain what is thruplay facebook ads?

Scale facebook ads

What is scale facebook ads? This is your choice of highly effective ads to expand and grow them. The purpose of this form of advertising is to increase sales and find more potential customers.

Mass facebook ads

Mass facebook ads? This is a tool to support advertising information or products in the smartest and most convenient way on facebook. New advertising features are integrated here.

Pixel facebook ads

Pixel facebook ads? It is the code placed on the Web to help optimize ads, build target customers. This tool will enable cookies to help track users, when customers interact with the website we will know.

Where to run facebook ads?

Currently on the market there are many companies that specialize in running facebook ads. But what is important is the effect that the company brings to the business?

VIO ACADAMY is a company specializing in Online Marketing, including facebook ads. With many years of operation in the market, VIO ACADAMY has helped many businesses succeed in promoting product images, contributing significantly to bringing in revenue for them.

Contact us, we will help, create momentum for your business to grow, reach new heights.

Conclusion: The above are all the shares of VIO ACADAMY about facebook ads. Hope to help you answer your questions about marketing what is facebook ads? and what is facebook ads for? Our company hopes to cooperate with businesses who are looking to develop on facebook ads or other social networking platforms.


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