Tiktok Marketing Course from A to Z – Tiktok Training 2022

Tik Tok – a leading popular social networking platform today. Here, in addition to meeting the entertainment needs of users, providing useful information in all aspects for users, it is also an ideal means for you to advertise and PR the name of individuals, businesses. business, even earn a small income from here. So how to build a Tik Tok channel that many people are interested in? VIO Academy specializes in training TikTok Marketing courses from A – Z. Contact now 0899164707 for advice, support and quotes.

Course participants

  • Shopping shops doing online business on social networking platforms such as facebook, zalo… sell on e-commerce sites like lazada, shopee, tiki that run ads but not feasible. Can’t get an order, want to find a way to run advertising at a reasonable cost. Bring high sales efficiency.
  • As an employee of the Digital Marketing department who wants to boost sales for the business.
  • Mothers want to sell online on TikTok to earn extra income but don’t know how to make content, run ads to reach people use, increase orders.Want to learn TikTok shop course, TikTok Offline course.
  • Students who want to practice business to earn extra income or experience real life.
  • Leaders and executives who want to cover the job.

Khóa học TikTok

TikTok Course Objectives

  • Train the ability to design professional landing pages with high conversion rates and ad browsing. Help students get acquainted with the website platform.
  • Training students to know how to buy a domain name, point the domain name to the successfully created landing page. Choose the right domain name to buy and manage domain names effectively.
  • Have basic skills to make videos and advertising content that achieve high click-through rates. Make sure your budget is optimized and still approved quickly.
  • Know how to define goals to implement complete advertising campaigns on Tik Tok. Because when you know who your target customers are, you can advertise better.
  • Train students on how to optimize ad performance, advertising costs, and order conversion rates.
  • Train students on how to handle and find the best solutions. Best suited when running ads that don’t perform as expected.

Tyctok course content

  • Overview of skills and mindset when selling online.
  • Training skills on choosing content and choosing the right tik tok channel. Teach students how to create an impressive tik tok account. How to shoot, edit and create video effects.
  • Find out what is Trend Tik Tok? How to create trends and follow trends.
  • How to use Tik tok sales videos.
  • Know how to create Tik tok Ads accounts, guide how to run tik tok ads in depth.
  • Optimizing Landing page for Tik tok.

Nội dung khóa học TikTok

Course Benefits

  • Help students see the potential factors and strengths that tik tok channel brings to users. Thereby exploiting many benefits from this social networking platform.
  • After the course, students can build their own tik tok channels for individuals or businesses. Thereby creating a foundation for effective brand and product advertising.
  • There are basic skills to know how to build tik tok videos with engaging content, attracting viewers.
  • Practice with highly qualified experts with a duration of about 80% of the course.
  • Get hands-on support from instructors and teaching assistants who have a lot of experience and expertise. To participate directly in the company’s actual projects to have the most authentic view and practical knowledge.

And other benefits

  • Updated with new knowledge about Tik tok Marketing for free. Students are provided with learning materials advertised on tik tok from basic to advanced. Constantly updating new documents. After the course, students are still provided with up-to-date knowledge.
  • Have the opportunity to learn, exchange, exchange experiences, approach individual businesses. Having many years of experience in the field of marketing.
  • Comprehensive development of skills: in addition to high-volume knowledge, students will be fostered with basic skills necessary version. To be able to advertise and sell effectively on the tik tok platform. From optimizing ads, designing landing pages to implementing targets.
  • The cost of the course is very affordable: with the Tik tok Marketing course, students can study in person or online if as not convenient to move and do not have a lot of fixed free time. Students only need to register and pay to create an account. To be able to study throughout and not be limited in terms of time and number of study times per day.

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TikTok Training Instructor

Giảng viên đào tạo khóa học TikTok

To train a TikTok ads course or a general TikTok marketing course. Need to prepare a lot from learning materials, machines, tools to learning content. But most importantly, there must be a team of quality instructors to train excellent students. Trainers participating in TikTok ads training need to meet the following basic requirements:

  • Having a solid background in marketing in general and in-depth TikTok training.
  • Having practical experience from TikTok Marketing projects.
  • There are certain achievements in building organizational or individual tik tok channels.
  • Experience in teaching many TikTok ads manager training courses. TikTok channel building course, TikTok sales course…
  • Must be regularly updated with new knowledge. Make sure to provide students with adequate lectures. Respond to market trends.
  • Professional teaching attitude, enthusiastic help when students need help.
  • Teachers need to have basic knowledge of TikTok Marketing to be able to best support students.

Tutorials and how to register for TikTok courses

TikTok is a very hot social networking platform. Bringing great revenue for businesses. So which TikToker training company is professional? Where teaches the course to run TikTok ads, the course to make TikTok videos.

Vio Academy is a company specializing in training TikTok Marketing courses from A to Z. Here you will be trained in TikTok Marketing skills in the most methodical way. . You will have hands-on training right in the classroom by leading experts in the field of marketing. Have the opportunity to learn from real projects of the company. Vio Academy is committed to training until you can master the necessary skills of a TikToker.

So how much does a TikTok course cost? You only have to spend from only 6,000,000 VND to participate in Vio Academy’s TikTok Marketing course. To register for a TikTok course, please contact immediately 0899164707 for support and advice.


The above is a brief overview of the TikTok channel building course. Hope to have provided you with the most useful and practical information about the TikTok course of Vio Academy.