Facebook Ads Running Course – Facebook Ads Training

Facebook is a social networking platform with the largest number of users participating in websites connecting, sharing and exchanging information. Therefore, this can be considered as a very potential market for individuals and businesses who want to attract interested followers, promote product brand images as well as find customers. So how to advertise on facebook, so that many people know? VIO Academy specializes in training Facebook advertising course , Advanced Facebook Marketing. Contact now 0899164707 for advice.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing includes PR activities, advertising to bring images of products, brands and services to customers through the social networking platform facebook. Some forms of marketing on Facebook such as: building communities, groups, setting up fanpages, searching, interacting with customers for the purpose of sharing content, advertising.

Marketing on Facebook can be free or paid. When creating fan pages, interacting with customers on fanpage… is free. But you will have to pay the cost of hiring staff to operate.

In Facebook marketing, the field of Facebook ads is of great interest to many people. This is a form of paid advertising that helps you bring your content and information to a defined target audience. Facebook ads are considered an effective advertising tool for many individuals and businesses.


Benefits of the Facebook Marketing course

When you join the Facebook Marketing course you will get the following benefits:

  • You will have the skills to analyze the behavior of customers on facebook.
  • Equipped with the skills of creating effective facebook advertising plans to achieve results.
  • You can always apply the knowledge you have learned to increase sales efficiency while taking the course.
  • Access to case studies in many fields that have been very successful on the Facebook platform.
  • Instructed on how to create content, how to successfully close sales with many different scenarios.
  • Instructions to create accounts to run ads on Facebook legally.
  • Evaluate the budget needed for an advertising campaign based on the number of customers and competitors.
  • Know how to analyze and measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.
  • Know how to optimize processes and apply tools.
  • Support until you know how to run ads, make a menu on facebook.

Facebook Marketing course objective

The goal of the Facebook Marketing course is to:

  • Helps all students to master the skills of facebook advertising comprehensively.
  • Instruct students on how to develop advertising content on groups, Fanpage.
  • Equip planning skills when running effective facebook ads.
  • Provides knowledge on optimizing and running advanced ads (price optimization, audience selection…)
  • Help students learn how to take advantage of facebook advertising tools.
  • Students know how to use support tools to optimize ad processes and reduce costs.

Who should take the Facebook Marketing course?

  • All those who want to do business or are selling on the facebook platform.
  • Individuals and businesses who want to find out about Facebook Marketing.
  • Marketing and digital staff of companies that have projects that want to develop sales channels, projects on facebook.
  • Managers who want to capture the business and better understand advertising to find new directions for business.


Facebook advertising course content at VIO Academy

1. Overview of advertising forms on Facebook

  • A brief overview of the field of Facebook marketing to give students a specific overview of this type of advertising.
  • Gives lessons, practical examples on how to capture consumer psychology and orientation on facebook.< /span>
  • The importance of media plans based on facebook ads.
  • Help students analyze the right time to run ads.
  • Know how to deal with problems like facebook not automatically deducting money or locked facebook accounts.< /span>
  • How the year captures the cycle of 1 advertising channel.
  • Analysis of Facebook user behavior.
  • Factors, practical experience to implement Facebook ads effectively.
  • Grab current facebook terms.
  • Orientation of suitable services and products for business on facebook.
  • Know how to determine what elements are required to run a facebook ad campaign.

2. Developing content orientation for Fanpages, Groups


  • About the Facebook communication model.
  • Distinguish the Group / App/ Fanpage/ Profile building processes.
  • The process of developing and creating Fanpage.
  • Create Facebook Profiles, find friends, set privacy settings.
  • How to create Facebook Events, invite people to join the Group.
  • How to customize with avatar, Cover, Timeline and personal Facebook data.
  • How to convert a personal Facebook account into a Fanpage.
  • How to create events in fanpage.
  • Developing content, creating fanpage concepts for each item and type of business.
  • Exploiting Fanpage to meet sales goals.
  • A guide to analyzing large groups, fanpage.
  • Basic skills in copywriting.
  • Developing content on sales fanpages, communities, technology products…
  • Content types of content that are interested, have a lot of interaction, attention on Facebook.
  • Build Minigames and exploit them.
  • The process of organizing programs and contests on fanpage effectively, without cheating.

3. Basic advertising

  • Create a Facebook ads account.
  • Ad settings.
  • How to optimize images and content.
  • Basic guidelines for writing ads with multiple conversions.
  • Advertisements that are suitable and attractive to different customer groups and business types.
  • Practice writing content for groups, Fanpage.
  • Steps to create an advertising plan.
  • How to advertise to attract and reach potential customers.
  • Instructions for setting up interactive ad types.
  • Instructions for setting up message ads.
  • Understand how Facebook Ads are billed and displayed.
  • Analyze and evaluate the performance of running ads.
  • Review, check the performance of running ads.
  • Factors that affect bids.

4. Strategy tactics and strategy


  • Understanding Facebook audiences: Lookalike Audiences,  Core Audiences, Audiences.
  • How to select audiences to run effective ads.
  • Know how to Use Power Editor.
  • Know how to use and understand Facebook Business.
  • Use Facebook Retargeting to support sales and increase visibility.
  • Use Facebook Audiences Insight to analyze audiences in Facebook Fanpage.
  • Build the image of your target audience.
  • How to deal with problems when running ads such as:  over budget for running ads,  no deduction, high cost.
  • Refer to case studies of companies and brands selling online.

5. Advanced advertising skills

  • Understand how Facebook ads are displayed and billed.
  • Analyze and evaluate the performance of running ads.
  • Review, check the performance of running ads.
  • Analysis of factors that affect bids.
  • Run ads for free.
  • Calculate bids, analyze case study results, predict time, quantity and sales achieved since running ads fox.
  • Advice on how to run facebook ads effectively.

6. Use tools to measure and analyze.


  • Integrate UTM Tag to analyze ads and media performance for websites.
  • Optimizing the Onpage Website and Social Media platform.
  • Introduction to sales tools.
  • Track your brand’s performance on Social Media.
  • Measure Google Analytics and Facebook Marketing performance.

7. Build advertising plans and evaluate effectiveness.

  • Technical support for students in the classroom.
  • Answer and answer students’ questions.
  • Advise on individual case studies for students.

8. Course summary

  • Groups report the implementation plan.
  • Evaluate, Q&A about the plan for each group.
  • Effective analysis of the plan, time, efficiency achieved.

Facebook Marketing course trainer

  • Teachers are highly qualified, have extensive knowledge in the field of Marketing as well as Facebook Marketing
  • Having practical experience in facebook ad campaigns
  • Enthusiastic, supportive students, ready to answer questions, help students when required.
  • Teaching assistants have solid marketing knowledge, maximum support for students.


Tuition and how to register for the Facebook Ads course

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The above article gave you an overview of the course on running Facebook ads. Hope you will make the right choice for you.